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  1. Hello brides to be!! I'm beyond sorry I haven't had a chance to get on here to tell you all about our dream day!! For those of you I haven't talked to - I got married at the Royalton on November 18th! I'm writing a full review and will post it (with pictures) soon! Couple notes for all of you based on conversation above: You have to use their DJ (he was awesome!) or pay the $450 vendor fee. You can't ship stuff to the hotel - they don't allow it. We did our private reception poolside - it was amazing! Will post soon!! Happy planning to all of you!! Love, the NEW Mrs. Gedney <3
  2. Hey linzip, Just emailed you everything - best wishes <3 Pam Hey! No problem at all.....in the near future after all this is done we'll look back and wonder why we stressed so much! lol Hey Theresa! You're so sweet! Thank you! Picking your date is a tough one! You've looked up May weather and it actually says 40-60% chance of rain? In the afternoon? for the whole month? I didn't know it rained that much in May! I looked up November for myself when we were first picking a month and I found out November gets 7 days of rain total....fingers crossed it doesn't rain on my day! I honestly don't know! What do YOU really want? Honestly whatever any one of us chooses we always run the risk because we're all having outside weddings..... Let us know what you decide! Pam
  3. I can't thank you all enough for your insight! <3 I want to send them out so I'm going to! I think we've decided to send them BUT it won't be a formal invite...it'll most likely include the date the deposit is due and the wedding week itinerary. Thank you so much ladies! Happy planning! <3 Pam
  4. No video is not included - I booked Elite Media Concepts for my video.... I think Merrick's contract said minimum 400 images..... I struggled with this decision because I could've gotten two photographers for the same price as one Merrick BUT I loved Merrick's work better.....
  5. @@CherJK OMG they’re beautiful! <3 Love it! Thanks for the tips on posting photos too! Can’t help you with the groomsmen attire – my fiancé decided on full suit….. I will say though that originally we were thinking of vests but just like you the best man is a little heavier and I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable! Vests don’t work on heavier set guys I think. I would ask his opinion! You don’t have to go with what he says but at least you would know what he would prefer….. @@atennille Hey! Congrats on choosing the Royalton! Where were you before? The Riu? Why did you switch over? Are you doing your reception at the alacarte? Don’t freak out! A deep breath! Lol I know this sounds silly coming from me because I’m always freaking out haha Anyways, where are you hosting your reception? That makes a huge difference in cost. The set menu I was talking about is for the Italian alacarte for our rehearsal dinner….. If you’re doing a private reception there’s several dinner options for you to choose from. Don’t get discouraged! Everything will work out! It’s paradise after all and what more could you want than the beautiful Caribbean ocean as your backdrop for your wedding! <3 If you have any more questions just ask! I’m happy to give you everything I have! Pam
  6. Hey Bridetobe771, Yeah Laura told me that décor we bring from home would not be extra BUT if there is a cost it wouldn’t be more than $250….so at least you know what to expect! Yes, Merrick honored the price he quoted me….I’m paying $2,600 for 9 hours…he’ll arrive at 2pm and stay until 11pm. I’m also paying the vendor fee of $450. How much did he go up by? I loved Dean Clarke too! I never got his pricing though because he was already booked on my day…. Are there any other photographers you’re looking at? @@FutureMrsGlover YAY! @@Brinley No problem! @@atennille Congrats! I didn’t do a site visit but a couple ladies on this forum have and they’ve shared photos and it looks like an amazing place! Can’t wait to have my feet in the sand <3 My experience has been noted on this forum! I got all your likes so I assume you read through it which is great! There have been bumps but there always is! It’s not specific to this resort! I’m sure there would be bumps if I’d picked a resort in Mexico too! It’s hard planning a wedding from so far away too…. So far my biggest complaint is that we have to use their provider for floral and décor and I’ve already voiced this! I figure that’s enough! Don’t want to put a damper on anyone else’s day! <3
  7. Hi everyone! I need some help! Due to a crazy busy schedule I did not send out printed STD's - I did however send an email with our wedding website. The website included EVERYTHING guests needed to know in order to book through Sunwing! This was 5 months ago. 51 guests put their $150 deposits down - and they all know that their remaining balance is due September 27th, 2014. We're getting married November 18th, 2014. I'm just wondering if there are any ladies out there that still sent out invitations EVEN THOUGH you already knew who was coming based on their deposit?? I mean I already know all 51 guests are coming! There might be drop offs of course and just yesterday I had an addition (cousins new girlfriend) BUT does it make sense to send formal invitations to these people? I don't want to miss out on sending formal invitations only because it's a once in a lifetime thing! But I also think people will think it's silly to receive a formal invite when they know I know they've already booked! Any thoughts out there? I would really appreciate your insight! Hope this makes sense! Thank you ladies! <3
  8. Hey FutureMrsGlover, I can't use Jan's - confirmed with wedding planner - you have to use Tai Flora..... Hey actually quick note I read on Tripadvisor the other day that the resort offers a courtesy shuttle to Margaritaville in Montego Bay Thursdays to Saturdays - you choose between 5pm-9pm or 10pm-2am.....sounds like a fun idea!
  9. @@FutureMrsGlover – lol this resort is all about highway robbery lol I’m bringing an aisle runner too – haven’t checked out oriental trading yet – will do….. Looking forward to seeing your invites! <3 ------------------------------------- @@CherJK – I saw that post a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to reach out to them! I just asked the wedding planner just to find out how much it would be in comparison…. Thanks for the examples! You ladies rock with suggestions and feedback! <3 I was planning a rehearsal dinner….I have the Free Package so that includes 10 people at an ala carte for dinner 6 pm seating non-negotiable – after that it’s $20 per adult and $13 per child so that equals $799 for me. Problem is – my Fi thinks that’s ridiculous! Especially since you HAVE to have a set menu. I think he would feel differently if we had all 51 guests go to the Italian (it’s the only ala carte that can fit or group size) and they can order whatever they want BUT they can’t. For $20 a person we choose what they eat which he feels really sucks. And I agree – we’re already choosing their meal for the wedding you know? So I told the wedding planner we wanted to skip the $799 and guess what she comes back with LOL sorry made me laugh cause they take money out of you no matter what! She says ok you can take this out BUT your wedding cake is $5 per person and champagne toast is $5 per person. Basically that $20 above gives me a set menu ala carte dining for my entire group, wedding cake, and champagne toast. But if I don’t want to pay $20 per head and I still want cake I have to pay $5 per head and if I want champagne that’s another $5 per head…. It’s a tough choice honestly. Go in a group to Italian and have a 6pm set menu OR everyone goes on their own when they want and eat whatever they want. If we could get our whole group in the Italian and they could order what they want we would feel differently. The brunch with your bridesmaids and groomsmen sounds so nice! I think that’s a great idea! Most of our group is staying 7 nights but 20 of us are staying for 10 nights so I was thinking of having a farewell breakfast the day before we leave….I’m going to be so sad to leave Jamaica LOL ------------------------------------- @@Bridetobe771 Omg I love your mason jars! They’re so cute! <3 And free! That’s awesome of your family friend to do that I struggled and struggled with a photographer but I finally decided on Merrick Cousely. I’ve gotta say I struggled mainly because of cost – I mean if I was a Kardashian it would’ve been easy LOL ahahahaha I finally said that’s it! Chose him and sent the 50% deposit! So it’s done and I feel relieved! His work is great, the reviews rock and I know he’ll do a great job J I was also looking at Marcia Roberts…her work is really nice and her cost is unbelievable! Did you look into her? ------------------------------------- @@acw271011 Thanks for the reassurance! Jan’s Flowers actually sent me a catalog with pricing…..Tai Flora’s did not have pricing but when I asked what certain things cost there was a significant difference. I voiced it to the wedding planner but nothing – I think pricing depends on resort honestly…… Happy to know you were happy though! ------------------------------------- I’m 132 days away ladies! <3
  10. All I have to say is HOW RUDE of that sales clerk! If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all! Especially since you told her it was for your wedding! I've been to grand sunset and it was fabulous! Best time ever! Don't regret it! Best wishes! Pam
  11. Ohhh Bridetobe771 I love the mason jar idea! Did you personalize them yourself? Are you putting them in a bag? I would love to know! I was thinking about tumblers....I might do personalized towels...haven't fully decided yet! I'm doing custom shot glasses as our favor <3 Who doesn't love a shot glass LOL I was wondering how the paper lanterns work? Did you ask the wedding planner about this? Are they charging you anything? She's quoted me $530 for lighting.....so I would love to know how you're going about this! Thanks so much for sharing! <3 ----------------------------------- Hey ladies! Just wanted to add! We're flying with Sunwing and for every 10 people we get an additional 20Kg luggage! This is great news for me because in total my Fi and I get 6-20Kg luggage! You should check what your travel provider offers for piece of mind when thinking about what you're going to take! This is a huge weight off my shoulders since we too are bringing alot of our decor! I am bringing ALL linens too! The cost of a pin tuck napkin with Tai Flora is $3.50 each. I can BUY them here in Canada for $0.80 each! Total for 60 napkins is $48! Or rent them and pay $178. Cost of a tablecloth is $35 - or I can buy it here for $15. Tai Flora quoted me $35 for hurricane shades with pillar candles - I mean does anyone else think this is insane!? I'm sorry I'm the first to get married in my family and friends so I guess I didn't realize how they exploit you when you say "wedding". NOTE here ladies - they don't allow silk rose petals on the sand for your ceremony! I asked because she quoted me $300 for light rose petal coverage and $600 for medium rose petal coverage. Also, I got a quote on a 200ml bottle of appleton rum for the welcome bags! For anyone that wants to know - she quoted me $11 USD - I can get them here for $8 LOL See what I mean? I have so much more pricing! Starting to feel like I should post everything I have!
  12. Oh my goodness I LOVE them! They're beautiful Bridetobe771! <3
  13. Hey FutureMrsGlover! LOL I know EXACTLY what you mean! I've been doing alot of DIY too - my fiance keeps saying to me "are you sure you can do all this yourself?" LOL Of course I can! <3 I still have so much to do and I'm 133 days away! This summer is going to be crazy busy! There's alot but I'm so happy! We're going shopping soon for our bands, I'm going to start ordering the welcome bag stuff and the favors, etc.... It's alot of work! Need a vacation after this hahaha Good luck with your boarding pass invites! SHARE when they're complete! Hey atennille! Ok so as of right now the wedding policies and procedures document states NO outside vendors other than photographers and videographers. I have confirmed this with the wedding planner. I am personally heartbroken at this and will be completely honest - I might of NOT chosen this resort if I'd known this to be the case. You HAVE to use Tai Flora for floral and decor. This is a HUGE deal to me. First, because reviews for Tai Flora on this forum are SCARY. Second, because Jan's Flowers in Jamaica prices are WAY lower! I'm on a tight budget (fiance likes to save, I like to spend LOL) so I'm truly heartbroken that if I want something I have to pay $10 with Tai Flora when I can pay $7 with Jan's Flowers. I know $3 doesn't seem like a big deal BUT it's for everything! And I have 51 people! Everything is more with Tai Flora. Chuppah/canopy with Tai Flora - $466 Chuppah/canopy with Jan's Flowers - $250 Chiavari chairs with Tai Flora - $10 Chiavari chairs with Jan's Flowers - $7 It's either Tai Flora's prices are high OR the hotel is making a big cut - whichever it is, it sucks to pay more when you know you can get it cheaper somewhere else! The above being said, I'm happy and excited for the wedding! Please don't get me wrong! I just don't like the inflated prices. And I'm definitely going to voice it on this forum so all brides can know.... Because the resort just opened I DIDN'T know.....and I was already too deep in to back out! If you choose this resort, and you want extras like me like floral, chiavari chairs, different color linens, chargers - things like that - then you WILL pay alot more. Again, sorry if this is a rant! I can't stress enough how upset I was when I learned I was FORCED to use Tai Flora. Hope this helps! Pam
  14. Hey! Just sent you everything I have! Pam YAY! Congrats! <3
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