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  1. Definitely did not anticipate liking this style, but I knew it was the one as soon as I put it on!
  2. Also, does anyone have any good workout/running faves? Faves from my playlist: I can transform you - Chris Brown - this is my go to when i'm dying Die Young - Kesha Figure 8 - DiscoTech Remix - Outasight Drop it Low - Ester Dean (Great tempo or beats per min for running) Jai Ho! - You are my destiny
  3. There's also a really great 5K runner app on the iphone. I have never run a 5k straight in my life, but probably similar to couch to 5 they make building up simple. The app tells you when to start running and when to walk with slow increments starting (first one is maybe 30 second run, 1 min walk, etc for 25 min). It also tracks when you completed each workout so you know when to pick up where you left off. I know you can track this on a treadmill, but does anyone else sometimes forget when they started and stopped? I'm feeling a plateau as well in weight, but I just took my measuremen
  4. Awesome! Thank you! Just a note, Martha Stewart has a wedding idea of the day email that I LOVE!
  5. I didn't try to contact Charlene directly before I started planning, however ultimately we realized an offsite ceremony and reception was a better option for us. I'm in the process of putting together the details and I've been working with Sadeki of www.chic-eventsja.com So far the experience has been much easier than trying to find info myself and offsite options look awesome! Do you have any info on the Hilton wedding packages yet or have a date set? Feel free to PM me with questions, I have some Hilton package details if you need them!
  6. Cherri, I'm booked for November 8th, I think I'm hosting everything offsite though. So the group rates that I got from my travel agent ended up being about 50% off the listed rate on the site. WELL, I just checked the site today as our booking window for deposits ends at the end of the month, and the listed rate on the hotel is $250/room a night. It was originally $420. The hotel rate is cheaper, thankfully not by much. Not very happy right now as many guest may decide to book directly with the hotel vs our travel agent and hopefully we don't get penalized if the majority of the guests d
  7. Ugh, started using a food journal to help track calories. Calories in check today, but my sodium instake is through the roof!! No more rice a roni pasta sides for this girl! Good luck everyone!!
  8. I like these - you can ditch the straw if you want - or keep it for mixed drinks!! I'm ordering a sample to test it out! http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/sports-bottles/3234/20oz-double-wall-acrylic-mug-with-straw.htm
  9. Has anyone recently had or planning a wedding at the Hilton Rose Hall? It seems though that there aren't many brides talking about this hotel - recently at least. Any recent experiences to share? If not, and you were considering it, what was the deciding factor and final decision? Looks like the majority was the Iberostar, any insight to share? Thanks!
  10. It's definitely about your personal preference. I am booking an all inclusive, but my fi and I love all inclusive. We recently went to a non all inclusive wedding and costs definitely added up, however the bride and groom scheduled a few extra dinners and open bars that they covered. Not necessary but a nice touch! All in all though, we spent much more in food and bev compared to past all inclusive trips. It's tough to please everyone, so we went with our own personal preference!!
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