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  1. @@dreia85 welcome! I'm glad to see there is another GP Punta Cana Bride out there! I'm going to be doing my own Make-up... Only because I don't normally wear make up and when I've had it done before it was too much for me. Also my bridesmaid is a hair dresser so she is doing my hair. I have heard that the hair and make up team at Zentopia are really good... Perhaps @@Kerrierf can give you a first hand. Keep in mind that if you hire an outside vendor for hair or makeup you have to pay a hefty vendor fee...but a way to get around that is to book them a room for the night. As for welcome gift... I had no idea that our resort offered welcome gifts... Would you mind Sharing the document? I'm doing a welcome bag for my guests...if you scroll up I have listed what I have inside so far. I'm getting married in November so perhaps I can have some better suggestions when I get back! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @@Jc14 The only outside vendor that I am using is my photographer and she is traveling down with me as a guest...she is on the guest list and will be in the seating chart...but I'm pretty sure you do that with most photographers anyways. If you are referring to a Make-up artist or Hair stylist once you have booked them a room they are then a guest of the Resort and I would assume are free to come and go as they please as the rest of the guests are. I would then assume that you would not need to have them listed as a guest or have them at your wedding unless you wanted to. But you may want to ask anyways. @shevette925 @samilein @@Beachgirl622 Hows the planning going ? Everyone's been quiet lately
  3. Far as I know I'm free and in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So Fun!! We should definitely do that again sometime! @ I still can't get over how awesome your brows and lashes are!!! I feel like you need to give me a tutorial! Also wish I got to chat with you guys at the other end more... Note to self : round tables at the wedding right @@snswedding2016 ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I leave work in the beaches around 4:30 so I'll be there as soon as the streetcar can get me there the sun is out but this mugginess has got to go...gross Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Happy Wedding Day! I hope it's everything that you both have Dreamed of and Plan for! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. @@veryvalentine Totally used the Bag for street cred! lol! and it worked I got way more help the second day! Probably helped that I looked like shit from staying up all night! @@yycbride2016 @@calgarybride2015 It will definitely be a memorable story! Thanks for the congrats! @@acw271011 It really seems like I have the worst luck doesn't it! nothing you can do but laugh...even when it was in the moment I want to laugh at the irony of it all but I had to muster up some tears to get taken seriously... after all what bride would be laughing! lol! My FI thought I was losing it I was half bawling and laughing! @@snswedding2016 Moncton! WTF right? too funny! I hope the weather is good for you in January! @@beckys98 Not sure if the marriage counts...I had been up for 36hrs when I signed the papers...not sure if I was of sound mind! lol! It does feel a little different even though we are both not calling ourselves married until Punta Cana. He does call me wifey every now and then tho and I like it I'm going to need everyone to cross their fingers and toes for me to get to Punta Cana without trouble I think! lol! Let hope my luggage makes it there!
  8. @@acw271011 there were no pictures... Long story but it was a good time regardless Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @ @@deecol I kind of like that it happened that way now...seems only fitting! I was only upset at the fact that I didn't get any sensible pictures with my Two Nan's ... but what can you do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Legal Wedding - Done (and boy is that a story!) 3 Months, 1 week and 3 days til we leave for Punta Cana 3 Months & 2 weeks til the Wedding Day! I have Just returned from my 2 week Vacay in NL and it was awesome but of course with my luck nothing comes without trouble..lol! I think I mentioned in a previous post that we were planning on doing our legal marriage in NL. Our flight was a Friday night and we had planned to get married at 5pm on Saturday and leave to drive up the coast on Sunday. Here's how my trip actually went... Friday night we arrive at the airport right on time, check our bags, go through security, and find our gate...at this point I'm super excited! Not 1 min later our flight is cancelled!! Yup...CANCELLED! AC had be cancelling flights all that week to St. John's because of runway construction but was finished on Wednesday and everything had gotten through since but of course my flight...the last flight on Friday night..was cancelled due to FOG! ha! At this point we in the AC customer service line up with a ton of other people trying to figure out what to do and the lady shouts out "I cannot reschedule you here you have to call the 1-800 number or use the courtesy phones". The number she gave everyone was out of service, I know right!?...but I was able to get through on the courtesy phone and reschedule for the earliest flight available Monday at 11pm...WTF?! Ok! Time to pull the wedding card and bring on the water works! I was not leaving the airport until some got me another solution! I found a manager explained our situation though a great amount of sobbing and she went off to see what she could do. She came back and said "I can get you on a flight to Moncton tonight and you can drive from there!" At first I thought she was kidding! Did she not know that NL is an Island? If I did take the flight and drive I would arrive approx 6hrs after my rescheduled flight. @@kcole123 you know how ridiculous that is! We accepted defeat and went home...UGH! I called my cousin who works at Air Canada Jazz for the best advice and she told me to go in for standby early in the morning & call them every hour to see if they have put an extra plane on to accommodate the flights cancelled that night. She also advised that we would might make it but our luggage may not. I had some special Steaks in my suit case for the BBQ we were going to have and I put them back in our freezer. I also took out the Bridesmaid dress I had for my friend to take carry on...I felt like I needed to have a dress in my hand to be totally convincing. After spending my night calling Air Canada I woke my FI up at 3am to go back to the airport to check in for Standby. once we were checked in I went to the gate right away and started bawling and waving my Davids Bridal bag! Even though I was first in the standby list I didn't get on that flight because they had over sold the plane! They then sent me down to the Customer Service where I had gone the night before and they were then able to rebook me on a flight to Montreal and then to NL!! Why they couldn't do that the night before I'll never know! We arrived in St. John's without our luggage of course and we high tailed it to my parent house 2 hours drive away! We got there with 10 mins to spare! Long enough to brush our teeth..haha! We ended up getting married in 2 day old clothes, no shower, in the living room because it was too cold outside! So there are no pictures...but it's a great story...now that it all over I find it pretty funny! We ended up have our luggage sent to Deer Lake and picked it up on our way up the coast the next day Other that the little glitch trying to get home and the freezing fall like weather while I was there my trip was awesome!
  11. Count me in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @@Jc14 I bought big bottles at Walmart and I have little baggies for them... I found a temple for the drug warnings on here somewhere I booked marked it on my computer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @@Jc14 Carolina did get back to me, perhaps if you still havent heard from her and second email may be warranted. I decided to go with the DJ...I did get the app but I was having trouble making a great playlist and I didn't want the worry of making sure that it went ok. My Bridesmaid is doing my hair and I am doing my own make up...I had a make up trial done here asking for little or natural make up but I still felt coated with make up so I'm just going to do it myself to be safe. I'm having a private dinner, included in the private dinner is the meal (everyone gets the same thing), decorated head table for up to14 guests, the tables and chairs that are currently in the restaurant. Everything else is extra...decor, table cloths, centerpeices etc, you can also upgrade the food to allow for a buffet or a BBQ for a price. My welcome aren't complete yet but I have: cards hand sanitizer pepto advil travel Tide a map welcome letter schedule I spy game do not disturb sign hoping to add: postcards Sunglasses meet the guests flyer
  14. I'm still good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. @@yycbride2016 Thanks for all the lovely compliments! I'm sure none of those things will happen to you...but if they do let me tell you first hand you will get through it I seem to have the worst luck but I'm still on track! lol! Best advice that I've gotten from everyone here is not to sweat it...whatever happens is going to happen so just roll with it...do your best and move on..don't let it get you down. You are currently on the best support network ever, if you have a question or just need to vent, these ladies are awesome! The message in the bottle as a place card would be fun!! The 21Day Fix is working for me...so far...I'm only on day 12..down 7lbs...I waiting til the full 21 days to do Inches. I'm not really being strict with it yet...Someday's I'm over my container amount or I miss a workout...It's my first round of it so I didn't want to be too rigid right away...easing into it. I'll get more strict in Aug. I would like to lose 10 more...I've been so stressed out with this stuff I haven't lost my winter weight like I usually do so I'm feeling frumpy..blah! I think you could easily lose your 10 with the 21 day fix especially with the time you have!
  16. Thanks I'm so glad too!!! Making my list today....going to order most things before I go on Vacation...hopefully nothing comes while I'm away! Things left to order: Sunglasses Tide Travel packs Cake Topper Vistaprint Stuff (bags, Postcards, etc) So not a lot of important things I'm not doing professional pictures for the legal ceremony...I'm not even dressing up really. I'm wearing a sun dress I already own and I'm only wearing that because I know my Nan will want a Picture..lol. I'll bring my DSLR and have my Mom take some pictures I guess...lol. Trying to keep this part low key and non existent...hahaha I remember you saying how on your TA you were so I did the same thing and I so glad I did! I'm going to take everyone's advice and start ordering now instead of waiting...better safe than sorry! thankfully I don't have a lot left to get. Don't leave it like I did!! Get on it...even if it just making lists...I started out so organized and then things just became a mess...such is life I guess!
  17. @@Beachgirl622 I'm going with the sound system for the ceremony because it's included... I'm leaning towards the DJ for the reception just because I don't want to make a full list of music Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. @@TinkerSofi Holy! You weren't kidding with the Canada Post thing geeze! I hope it all gets straightened out! Where is your necklace now? Oh...and happy belated legal wedding day!...I read it was it was yesterday right?
  19. @@TinkerSofi I guess you are probably right! I'll order some stuff this weekend I guess...I know Vistaprint can get here in a week or two so I'll wait til I get back to order that stuff...I'm headed to your thread to read all about rather than ask you a bunch of questions here!
  20. @@Smellsey @@kcole123 @@calgarybride2015 @@krystalball I have just finally gotten all my AC nonsense straightened out... (for now :rolleyes:lol) ... Fortunately I was able to get the Sunday to Sunday direct flights just one day after my original flight and still on the weekend so only my brother had a problem with this and he was able to extend his holidays to suit. AC also confirmed in writing free Hotel rooms for any of my guests doing an overnight in Toronto on the way down or way back so that's awesome. I also got upgraded to first class again at no charge this time. Our flight times are also much better...we get there at 4pm now instead of 8pm! Bonus! I guess this was really a blessing in disguise... but boy it sure didn't seem like it at first!!! I am lucky that I acted so fast because there were another wedding group on that flight that did not get so lucky...one group end up with a 5 hour Montreal stop over! @@TinkerSofi The whole month of June the only "wedding" to-do items that I did was get my wedding licence and our watches, we are saving rings for the real wedding and exchanging watch for the legal one. Time to pick up the to-do pace! I haven't heard from my WC since may..looks like I am going to have to call if I want my answers! SO....Just 4 MONTHS, 1 WEEK, 6 DAYS, & 21 HOURS until I leave for Punta Cana! I almost threw up as I was writing that... my legal ceremony is in just 17 days! My wedding commissioner is actually in the hospital right now...he just had open heart surgery! I hope he is still fine to do the ceremony otherwise I'm screwed! lol! Guess its time to start making some calls and thinking of a back up plan for that especially with my luck! lol Started the 21 DAY FIX (no Shakeology) on Day 11 already lost 7 lbs (Shocked!)...really really easy plan...plus its kinda keeping me from stress eating. I haven't even been super strict ( I did sneak a chocolate bar in there) because it the first round, I'm just getting used to meal planning, and I know I'm going home to the land of best food ever soon . I plan on getting more strict after my Vacation. I don't think I will get Much of my "To-Do" List done this month either...sigh...we have my FI's friend and gf coming to stay for a week and then we are going for 2 weeks! I will bring some of it home with me but there is no internet and barely any cell signal there (as in I have to drive 5 min to the hill to get a weak signal) so I may get stuck. It'll be nice to relax and have no connection to the world but I definitely be in panic mode the minute I get cell service and can read emails again! lol! I think I will bring my message in a bottle favours (that I still haven't done!) home and make them there. When I come back I will internet shopping like crazy! Do you think three months is enough time or should I order some things now? I don't want them to come while I am gone and then get sent back! I'm not a very savy online shopper! suggestions? Oh and I forgot to mention... one of the groomsmen called me today...he might not make the wedding! Told me not to tell my FI yet because he's not sure yet but he thought he'd get me a heads up!...lol...is it wrong to say I can't wait for this to be done and over!
  21. Hey Girls! I've been missing from the BDB site in general for awhile now...just too busy...My planning has not been going so well. AC cancelled our trip and then changed our dates!...but that's finally straightened out (Long Story). One of the Groomsmen called me today...he might not make it to the wedding! I had a ton of wedding things that I was hoping to have done last month but I didn't get to them and now they just seem to be piling up!....*SIGH* Have any of you gotten a response from Carolina lately???...I wrote with some questions at the beginning of June...still no answer....I know she was on Vacation until June 20th....I waited until this week for a reply and then I resent my email again on Monday and got another back in the office July 7th notice... @@shevette925 So sorry to hear about your dress stress...Im so glad that it is all straightened out now! Love to see a pic of the new dress! I will keep my eye out for any mini wine / champagne ideas for you. How nice to have your mom come to visit and do wedding things @@Jc14 I haven't decided between doing the sound system or getting a DJ yet....let me know what you pick! @@Beachgirl622 For a welcome reception I'm just going to get everyone to meet in the lobby bar at 9 pm the first night and do introductions and give out the welcome bags. I know there is a deal 135 for hair and make up if you book it through the WC but none of us want make up just hair, I'm trying to get a hold of Carolina to ask if there is a special price for that but no answer so far... @@Kerrierf I am so Glad you are still around answering questions and giving good advice
  22. Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. So Pretty!!! Your going to look fab! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. @@snswedding2016 We are going to be in Punta Cana, DR so I dont think that excursion will work for my group, but it looks so awesome! I wish it was in Punta Cana!! I going to have to check out some claire's stores!
  25. @@snswedding2016 Just doing a little catch up...terrace is beautiful!! and that excursion looks awesome! I was thinking of doing the same thing...planning a group excursion, I wish I could afford to pay for it. I have 2 kids (both under 2) and 2 seniors with limited mobility so I haven't found anything yet. Claire's has a flower girl section?? Which mall? Love the centrepeices! I Like both the Mat and the napkin!
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