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  1. I am selling my left over OOT welcome cooler bags from my Cabo wedding. These were a total hit and some of my guests still use them as an insulated lunch bag at home! They were great for the beach. I have 10 to sell, $4 each plus shipping. Located in Denver, CO so could also deliver locally. Email toribelle31@hotmail.com if interested! Thanks!
  2. My fiance and I just decided to add this to our budget and signed a contract last week for our Feb 27 wedding. I did talk to quite a few of my friends and all said they wish they had done it, or they had done and were so glad they did. Not one person I talked to regretted hiring the videographer or felt like it was money wasted. Given that both my fiance and I are pretty sentimental people, we figured spending money (even if it put us a little over budget) on a keepsake that we will have forever was worth it. That being said, the reason I even started thinking about it was because we came in quite a bit under budget on a few other categories and also my mom wanted me to do it bad enough she is going to help pay for part of it. We also thought it would be nice to share with our grandparents that recently had to cancel their travel plans due to health issues.
  3. We originally wanted to do a sunset cruise for our rehearsal dinner as well, but it didn't work out since 2 of the groomsmen (one was my fiance's brother) were arriving the day before the wedding and it would have been cutting it close to get them to the rehearsal and on the boat in time. It seemed like too much of a rush. So now we are doing our dinner at Baja Brewery which is located on the rooftop of Cabo Villas where most everyone is staying. There is also a location downtown. We are doing a taco bar that cost $26/person, not including alcohol. The dinner cruise I was looking into was the Sun Rider... it would have been about $43/person for about 55 guests, which we thought was great price for food/drinks included. We will probably still do the dinner cruise the night before the rehearsal, for those that can make it but we are not paying for it.
  4. I have him booked for my wedding in February as well, so far he has been great to work with. Very quick to respond, and very reasonably priced!
  5. Lauren- Who did you end up going with and what package/how long? I'm considering a 3 hour package with Jorge Ibarra... just curious what you did. Thanks!
  6. Feb 27th, 2014 at Casa Dorada in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico... about 60 guests!
  7. We booked at the Baja Brewery on the rooftoop of Cabo Villas Beach Resort. The majority of our guests are staying there (getting married at Casa Dorada next door, but I own a timeshare at CVBR so the rates were much better). There is also a Baja Brewery restaurant in the marina downtown. We are doing a taco fiesta buffet for $26/person. We are not paying for an open bar ($12/person/hr) but we may pay for one drink for everyone on a tab. The dessert includes a root beer float (root beer from the brewery) so we may just let that be the drink
  8. Thanks for all the great ideas! I ordered the bags in black and made them for Cabo San Lucas. I'll probably have about 15 left over if anyone wants them -- $100 for all 15. PM if interested.
  9. I was thinking about giving bottles of vanilla for favors. I originally wanted to buy the vanilla in big bottles in Mexico and then pour into smaller bottles with a label with our names/date, etc. I found a thread that talked about making your own vanilla, so I may do that instead... but either way I'll need empty bottles. I had a really hard time finding empty bottles for this purpose and I came across this site and thought I'd share... http://www.containerandpackaging.com/catalog/plastic-bottles/7/ You could also use them for OOT bags, to put sunscreen, aloe, hand sanitizer, etc. in. I probably won't do this since I already purchased these things and there isn't a huge savings, but it may be worth it depending on what you put in them.
  10. We are paying for the girls dresses and shoes... not sure yet about the guys. I was originally going to but wanted to get less expensive suits and now after talking to the groomsmen they would rather pay for their own and have a nicer tailored suit. So we are still figuring that out. I would like for it to be even for both the GM and BM, so we may pay for part of the suits (same $ for dresses). For the girls dresses though, I actually got them at target online and they were really affordable. Also, my mom is paying for my dress so it was easier to buy for the girls. Total for all 6 BM dresses, 6 shoes, my dress and shoes will be under $1000 which I think is pretty awesome I think it's possible to pay for them if you want, but just look at places other than bridal stores for better prices. I just felt bad asking my friends to spend so much on the travel and also have them buy the dress... and it helped that I found a dress I liked for a great price.
  11. This is so cool! I was thinking of just buying the vanilla in Mexico and pouring into mini bottles. BTW, anyone know where to find the mini bottles? I'm having a hard time... I wanted 50 mL amber plastic bottles, but maybe with this recipe you could do clear bottles so you can see the vanilla. Any help is appreciated!
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