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  1. Ill check vista print out. Everyone raves about it an I have yet to try it. I'm gonna check out the specialist id for holders that seems like a pretty popular site
  2. Great thank you so much! I'm trying to make good bags but also trying to stay on right budget to do so ill check it out. Where did you find bags so a good price? I'm worried about buying online not knowing the quality of product
  3. I'm thinking against it. It's mostly family everyone knows everyone and it's ones as thing I need to worry about bringing then down
  4. Great ideas!!! I'm thankful I found this site. I need to get to the dollar store
  5. I'm glad I read this. Thank you for all the information I'm gonna make sure I don't loose any privileges
  6. Ok great! Thank you for info I've never used shutterfly but have heard good things
  7. I was wanting to do a picture one like that. I'm worried my pictures won't be to me in time to get printed I was gonna use engagement a s than have wedding pictures up at the party...or better to just do paper invite with no pictures
  8. I was debating having the grooms men wear a different color than groom. Maybe groom in purple and groomsmen in green
  9. Ok I'm doing eggplant a green. So I was thinking purple tie and green courage what do you think?
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