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  1. Figured I should update to delete me since I changed to the beach resort. 2013 Brides: 01-04-2013- Justine416(Justine & Ryan)- Beach 01-07-2013 - Shauna253 - Suites 01-14-2013 - Erin - Suites 01-20-2013- Jreist - Beach 0 01-26-2013 - Grand 01-27-2013 - mthackeray (Adam and Marci) - Beach 01-28-2013 - erin2100 - Beach 02-20-2013 - newbiebridetobe - Suites 02-21-2013 - Cateyedcutie (Monique & Robert) – Grand 02-24-2013 - HollyandJohn - Suites 03-07-2013- mcc842002 (Meagan & Tom) - Beach 03-13-2013 - kristencanada (Kristen & Kyle) - Grand 03-23-2013 - Laura2013
  2. Any MDC Brides hanging around here still? I'm getting married at the Iberostar in Montego Bay but considering honeymooning for a few nights at the Cliffs. Would all of you recommend this as a honeymoon location? I read more about weddings here than honeymoons.
  3. Quote:Originally Posted by RaynDrop Well talk away girlly!! What are you working/thinking about currently?? I'm working on: OOT Bags (just starting to gather items... got the bags last week), Shoes, Grooms Attire.... Most importantly, I keep going back and forth on videography. I am so cheap but I know deep down I should do it since so much of my family isn't coming. (We only invited immediate family.) I just have so much trouble thinking about spending a thousand dollars on video! I could get the cheap sort of cheesy resort videographer for $450, ceremony only. Or, a nic
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by RaynDrop Oh yay - new friends always welcomed!! Thank you!! I need more people to talk to about every little wedding detail. :) Hope to see you on there soon.
  5. MissJali... hope it is okay I sent you a FB message with a request to join the group too. It's probably in your "other" message folder!!
  6. I'm pretty sure you don't check here anymore... but maybe you get notifications!! I am really hoping you started that blog/wedding business you mentioned. Could you point me in the right direction? I'm particularly interested in the Chair Swag Instructions you mentioned... would love to try my hand at those!!!
  7. Anyone won anything lately?? I won 50 customizable can cooler's from Totally Wedding Koozies and I am so excited to have them in my OOT bags! I'll let you guys know how they look when I get them. It looks like they do the contest every week on both fb and pinterest (i won from pinterest) so check it out if you're interested: http://pinterest.com/totallypromo/pin-to-win-can-cooler-contest/
  8. We aren't doing engagement photos unfortunately but I'm just going to get creative with the photobook... use some ones we have from the course of our relationship, some pictures of Jamaica, etc.
  9. Oops, sorry ladies that is the wrong link!!!! Use this one: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/07/09/shutterfly-photo-guest-books/
  10. Shutterfly is also giving away free 8X10 hardcover customized guest books/photo books for engaged ladies... check it out here: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2012/10/01/wedding-photo-books-by-shutterfly-a-giveaway/ (link at bottom of the post). It looks like it's like a $40+ dollar value. I'm thinking about upgrading for $5 or so to the "storybook" style one and having it at my farewell brunch to ask guests to share a memory, doodle, comment about the wedding trip.
  11. Has anyone been to Old Navy and noticed these lately? I have a $10 coupon for the outlet near me with an Old Navy so I'm crossing my fingers. They usually carry the same sort of items as the regular Old Navy's.
  12. Hi Ladies, I think I read this somewhere before but I can't for the life of me find it again. We have an extra day of shooting with our photographer and are trying to decide what the best way to use it will be... if we can afford an excursion for our guests it will be that and our welcome dinner. But, otherwise we are thinking about nearby venues where we could go and take some pictures like the Great Rose Hall House or the Aqueducts. Did anyone else contact them about just taking photos there... I think I read that they charge a pretty large fee. Anyone have any other suggestions of pla
  13. We're only inviting immediate family to our destination wedding and have heard mixed responses. Mostly, it seems like the concern is about the cost for people to attend. We understand it isn't cheap but since they are immediate family I guess they feel like they have to attend. It's tricky.. I'm carrying quite a bit of destination wedding guilt around for it...
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