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  1. The FI and I have thought about just doing a Justice of the Peace ceremony here and then doing a symbolic one in Mexico. Has anyone done that or thought about it?
  2. Wh Whoa! That's awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Have you posted any photos? I'd love to see!
  3. Any Azul Beach brides getting married soon or in 2014? My wedding is May 17, 2014 and I cannot wait. I'm a little behind on planning though
  4. Hi Ladies, Do any of you who were recently married at AB know who they are using for photographers now? Is it still Caribe photo? Also, are they still charging the $800 for outside vendors?
  5. I should've come here before posting my "newbie thread" on getting pushback from my family about doing a destination wedding. I see most of you ladies feel my pain!!!!
  6. Hi brownsugar, Thanks for the great advice I'm trying my best to remain positive about it and you're right it is ultimately about me and the fiance'. I just want everyone to be as excited as I am and so far that is not the case. I've only been comfortable talking with my closest friend and my fiance' about the wedding. When I try to talk to family about it they're very tight-lipped, so I've stopped talking about it with them. Anyway, I'm hoping everyone will come around and I will try my best to keep it moving with my plans
  7. Hey Ladies, I'm new to the forums, although I've lurked for the last 2 months or so. I have been engaged since March 7th of this year and am very excited to start planning. We signed our contract with Azul Beach about 2 wks ago but things are at a bit of a stand still right now. My family is very traditional and not very open to new things, so as you can imagine they were not very excited about us wanting to have a destination wedding. My mother in particular has been a bit of a pain by being super negative about everything. Have any of you experienced this? How did you handle it? Did things get better? Thanks!
  8. Hi All! Another May 2014 Bride here! We just signed our contract for Azul Beach and I can't wait to get the ball rolling on planning! The easiest part of this whole process so far has been picking the resort and this is mainly b/c of my travel agent, she's amazing. If you need some help with decision making check out Beach Bum Vacations (Melissa Harmon is my agent) they are terrific so far!
  9. Hello! I too am getting married in Riviera Maya Mexico on May 17, 2014! We chose Azul Beach resort. I've been working with a travel agent so far and she's helped me make several decisions. If you don't have a TA, you may want to consider getting one, they travel to resorts and can give you great firsthand advice.
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