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  1. I just read that I need to fill out paperwork to request a date? Where do I get that paperwork? I'm looking at JULY 2014, and am pretty open to dates (as I'm a teacher and off all summer!) but want to have a date reserved! Any help is appreciated. Can someone email me the pricing for 2014? Applefortchr@yahoo.com Thanks so much!!!
  2. Who do I call or email?! I will book the wedding before I book the trip aghhhh
  3. I am planning to marry there in July 2014, but I need to get on the ball it seems!!
  4. User Name: Brook53 Name: Brook & Gil Location: Looking into Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Wedding: Hopefully July 2014 Looking forward to learning more from this site!!!
  5. Yes, I met my fiance on Plentyoffish.com. It's funny bc it was his first day on, and my last.... My brother actually married someone he met from Match.com. Guess we both found love online haha
  6. We were dating a little over a year when we got engaged NYE 2012. When you know, you know
  7. Can you send me your pictures? I am looking at Ochos Rios Let me know: applefortchr@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  8. I'm in the same boat! I'm a 2014 bride, and we just decided on a cruise wedding.... However, I am confused on some issues as well. Congrats!!
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