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  1. Sure do!! It is mice02.ori@riu.com good luck!
  2. Back from my wedding, November 30! Just a few pointers...our group was doing a double wedding (on different days, but within the same week)...we were moved to the Plantation (at no extra cost besides the 10.50 pp above the package). We were served the steak house menu, DO not pay for a bar...the pool bar is next to the plantation and the servers got drinks for our entire group of 57. The day before the wedding, Patricia offered me the private poolside reception at NO COST. I refused it because it would have been buffet style and not served. So, don't pay the $1000.00 for "private reception" at the plantation. Our friends who got married did the semi-private (same as us) and there was no one in the mammee bay restaurant, they section you off so there is privacy. Just an FYI to future brides. OH and everything went splendid. Patricia was amazing. I have no complaints.
  3. I might be the last November 2013 bride! haha. November 30 @ 5pm! Leaving tomorrow night ! So pumped!
  4. Nice!!! So excited for you...we are leaving in 5 days, and I am so excited!:woot:
  5. I am on the same boat as you are! I'm getting my hair done by the resort....although I got extensions and a trial run here. I will bring some pictures of what I like As for shoes...I am also barefoot however, I have "barefoot sandals" that I purchased from ebay that I will wear. I am also doing my own makeup, with the help of my MOH of course. As for the wedding dress, I did it early....I couldn't wait! LOL We leave in 6 days!
  6. I appreciate falling upon this "mistaken" post!! Thanks for coming back and telling us about your week! I'm leaving in 9 days and am overwhelmed with excitement!
  7. Ahhh! It's creeping up so quickly! I am 15 days out from leaving and 18 days from the wedding day! So excited to be with family and friends in a tropical place. I've packed my decor but haven't packed by suitcase yet. Everything seems to be in order...just have to burn some CD's and set up the MP3 player (not sure what source they use for the wedding ceremony, so I'm bringing both! LOL) Good luck with everything ladies, and please come back to share your experience!
  8. Hey Everyone, I tried searching for a thread like this but I haven't found one. So, I love singing, and well, I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it (I'm not the only one who says that lol). Music is my everything! Anyways, last night I'm thinking how cool it would be if I sang a piece of a song...so here's my plan. I've been in touch with the wedding coordinator at the resort and she assured me that there is a wireless microphone. Basically, what I have done is spliced 2 songs together...we were always doing "Marry Me" by train for our actual "walking down the aisle song". So I put the "karaoke version" for the first verse and the chorus, then spliced the train version in. My plan is to have my flower girl and two bridesmaids walk down the aisle while I'm singing the first verse either from the balcony or just at the back of the ceremony. Then...once I'm done, I will hand off the microphone and walk down the aisle to meet my soon-to-be husband. What do you all think? I need some feedback because I haven't told anyone about this plan yet...it's a surprise for FI and for my guests, so give me some feedback! Thanks!
  9. I am doing some things similar to you Irishgirl. My Father recently passed away on August 20, 2013...his trip to Jamaica was all paid in full. He will be there...just in a different way. I am honoring him in the following ways: - a chair beside my mom with a white chair tie - when I walk down the aisle, I will walk to his chair and place a flower on it - My Dad wrote a speech for my wedding that will be read during dinner (I haven't read it yet, but from what I hear there are a lot of funny memories in it) - a donation on behalf of each guest to Pancreatic Cancer Canada, because that's what Dad had. I miss him dearly and it absolutely breaks my heart that he won't be there to walk me down the aisle.
  10. I ordered my tylenol from ebay...then for the imodium I just purchased boxes of it and put them in those little paper sleeves with directions (you can find the template by searching "immodium labels"). They turned out really cute and a lot cheaper than buying individual packets.
  11. Gorgeous pets everyone! Just thought I would let everyone know that today I ordered a life-size cut out of my dog from Party Standup (www.partystandups.com). They seemed to be the most reasonably priced. I'll post when it arrives, I'm so excited!!
  12. Hey! As far as I'm concerned it is $10.50 per person over and above your package allowance....even if you have 50 people.
  13. I chose November 30, 2013 for the exact same reasons that you speak of mrsbrowntobe. End of hurricane season and before peak season
  14. I did the same thing...I sent out invites with the save the dates last November (2012) for my November 2013 wedding. I didn't bother with RSVP's either. I figured whoever wanted to come would contact the agent and then I got a list from her for numbers, I didn't want to stress about RSVP's. We actually have a great turnout, about 45 guests which I am happy with. I am sending out an information package to keep people excited...that will be going out in late August.
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