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  1. Well I completed the STDs but now I don't have the energy to make the passport or Boarding Pass invites. Do you all have any other cute invitation ideas that are not as time consuming.
  2. Seashells Large Raffta ribbon Maracas Raffata fans (open to various sizes) Turquoise (Tiffany blue)
  3. So I am getting married next July in Mexico. I haven't even tried on dresses. Have any of you started. I am at a lost on what kind of dress to purchase. are you doing traditional or something beachy if you're having destination wedding. Hair- Who is letting the resort do their hair? I am paying for my hair stylist room so she will be there. Shoes- We are getting married on the beach so no shoes for me until the reception. What are you doing for shoes? Makeup- I am pretty good with makeup. I am going to start taking lessons to make sure it is flawless. What are you doing for makeup?
  4. I hope I spelled that right. I want to have maracas and would love to purchase them in Mexico to cute down on luggage fees. Do you think I will be able to find some in Mexico? I am staying at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. I am hoping their is a market near by.
  5. Well I have a stepson who will be 5 and we have a son who will be 18 months at the time of our wedding. We aren't doing anything special. They will be standing upfront with their dad. I am going to dress them really cute!
  6. Hello I am getting married July 19, 2014 in Riviera Maya. I joined this site to get ideas for invitations, STD,welcome bags, etc. I finally got my STDs in the mail. Now I need to work on my invitations. I will post pictures soon. The time will be here before you know it. A little about me. I am a 34 year old nursing student, mother to a busy 9 month old, I am also a stepmother to a 5 year old. I live between two states (until I finish school). I am so busy with school I can't get excited about the wedding. I hope that changes really soon!
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