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  1. Thank you, thank you ladies. I missed the Groupon deal but was able to scop up the Living Social deal.
  2. Can anyone forward me this spreadsheet please? I don't have sufficient posts yet to download. Thank you and I appreciate any help you can provide: neosailor@aol.com
  3. Hi Lovelies, I'm so happy that I found this thread. I am getting married in Las Vegas on December 12, 2012 at 12 pm. I know it's kind of crazy but so are we. We actually booked the Classico Chapel at Caesar's Palace and we booked it a year in advance since it is what they refer to as a 'specialty date'. Word to the Wise: Anytime you are booking a 'specialty date' the cost usually goes up $500 more, as we are learning so watch out you 11/12/13 Brides!!! I am travelling tomorrow but I will put up some pics of the 'VIP bags' I had made and a list of what I am putting in them. We are fortunate to have about 25-30 people coming so we definitely put aside some money just for this as 12/12/12 is in the middle of the week and it's nice to let people know that you appreciate them taking the time off work and spending the mone to come and be with you on your special day. Once I post please let me know what you think and if I can provide you with any assistance. Kendra
  4. Borrowing and tweaking also. Thank you so much for sharing.
  5. Hi jreist, I actually ordered some customized napkins as well as the customized water bottle labels and candy wrappers and they came out very well.
  6. Are you able to order them online from officedepot.com? I will check my local office depot to let you know about how many they have in store.
  7. Hi Ladies, I checked officedepot.com and they don't have the 'Spanish Language for Dummies' but they do have Spanish Phrases For Dummies®, Mini Edition and it's only .99 cents. What a bargain. I hope this helps.
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