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  1. I did try office depot they do not ship to Canada but I actually found a lady on eBay that can get them for me Thanks
  2. Just wondering how the frame worked out during your wedding and traveling home with it, I am thinking of making one but am not all the crafty so it worries me a bit Would love to hear how it worked out, nice job though it looks pefect Leigh Ann
  3. Just wanted to let you know I found a lady that has these books let me know how many you guys need and maybe we can split them up
  4. Thanks I already tried to order online and was not able too but it is weird cause they show up online Thanks
  5. HI Neosailer That is the book that I want!!! I am wondering what office depot you went to and did they have lots? I have only been able to find one and I want them so bad I am from Canada but go to the state all the time but see you are from Texas so that is a bit out of my way hopefully I will be able to get them over time Thanks so much for the update
  6. Absolutely I will I have heard or girls getting them At office depot and staples too...good luck
  7. Hi I am wondering if anyone has found the spanish for dummies books at Target recently? I see alot of post from back in 2009 but wonderin about 2012
  8. That is correct if your photographer is stayng at the resort you do not have to pay a fee, sorry forgot to mention that
  9. No I never did find it again I will post it if I find it but I may just do something else
  10. Weird I saw it on here and now I can't find it anywhere I did find one taht I think I can change
  11. Hi Girls This is the picture that I am using for inspiration, I got it form another girl and this is what her's looked like I did think this would be something that would be easy to pack, I was able to get plastic plates from Micheals I also got some starfish from there along with some shells and the sand you get there Hope this helps!!!
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