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  1. Is anyone getting married at AB I'm the next week or 2? We are headed down right now and wedding day is July 4. Just thinking that we don't want to haul back all the wedding decor stuff we are bringing down and wondering if anyone would be interested in it? The things we would consider leaving behind are 8 white pomander balls, 8 silver plastic vases, large white wooden heart with a rope to hang from (we might paint thanks on it for pics), homemade chalkboard with white frame (we are using it for a drink menu), 2 white small wooden baskets with a coral flower on each, battery operated votives (24 I think), 18 mercury glass votives and some random odds and ends if we have any left (table diamonds, ribbon, mr and mrs banner, etc). I will post pics if there is any interest can't wait to get down there and marry the love of my life!
  2. Can you let us know how the weather is when you are down there? We are headed to Azul Beach on June 30 (big day is July 4th!) and have been following the weather for the past month and EVERY day says that it is storming. I was wondering if it just builds up during the day with short showers and then storms at night? It would suck so bad if we got there and got pissed on the whole week!!
  3. Congrats Kathryn83! Did you get the paper banners from the hotel and if so do you know if they are available in white?
  4. hmmmm I wouldn't use flour. Sweat+flour= paper mache goop on your body!!
  5. hmmmm I wouldn't use flour. Sweat+flour= paper mache goop on your body!!
  6. Are they $1 each? Or is that just for the heading title? If they are $1-2 each I would definitely be interested!
  7. Has anyone had their dinner or reception in Chil terrace?? I've been told that there is only one option for placing the tables which is 3 long tables, and I'm curious if there would be room to have a small sweetheart table since we won't have the room to have a head table. And how big are the tables? I heard somewhere that when they do the long tables that they are just the 4x4 table pushed together 3 or 4 long. Does 8 feet across seem a little too wide to anyone else? Or do you think once decor and place settings are on the table that it doesn't look huge? Did anybody go through the different table linens they had once you were there or do you have to pick ahead of time? I am so skeptical just picking something without seeing it, and I wasn't overwhelmed with many of the Lomas decorating choices so I am nervous about that and just thinking of bringing my own. But if the ones they have there are really nice than I would rather save the packing space! I know there are a few things I mentioned I wanted to my WC that I didn't see on the Lomas site and she was able to get them and send me a pic, so makes me wonder what else they have access to that they don't advertise! Thanks for advice in advance Ashley P.S. My dress came in the other day and I had my first fitting today! I was scared I wouldn't love it when I saw it but I loved it more than the first time trying it!!!! And the best part is it needs no alterations except for the bustle Things are coming together now!
  8. HI! For anyone looking for custom inserts for your tip/key card holder check out this fellow BDW bride's etsy shop. Her stuff is so cute and she will do any color/wording you want! I ordered mine from her and can't wait to print them out http://www.etsy.com/listing/124886387/destination-wedding-custom-key-and-tip
  9. I thought these were a great idea for OOT bags as well considering everyone has smartphones nowadays! It will be perfect to take on excursions and at the beach! I just ordered them and it was a reasonable amount (38 bucks for 30 incl shipping). I will test one out before I put them in the bags. I hope everyone likes them! http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Waterproof-Pouch-Case-For-Mobile-Phone-MP3-MP4-Free-Shipping-102935/358536383.html
  10. I just ordered the same lot a few days ago (mixed colors) and got the email today that they shipped. Maybe it is because they have to pick out your colors, but really, how long does it take to do that lol. Ill let you know what mine are like when I get them. I got a few extra in case there are any duds
  11. Tkuzma- It is a small world! I've only lived here for a few years but I guess it's my home now. I definitely knew that I didn't want to get married here, or my hometown of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island so a DW was totally at the top of my list! Do you think the 120.00 for the pinata was worth it? What kind of candy did they fill it with? Was there lots of popular stuff in there or was it "Mexican" candy. Just don't want to have a crapload of candy nobody likes lol. I was originally going to find one somewhere in town and then fill it myself with candy from the walmart or costco. But was the hole really big? Would I need tons of candy? I'm trying to get the biggest bang for my buck!! Thats pretty crappy that you had to pay 1.00 a water bottle! Can you not just get them for free while you are there? How is the drinking water served on any other day? Maybe I will just hoard them for the first few days and then label them all the night before Thanks for the insight, I'll most likely be asking more questions soon!
  12. Awesome thread! Very helpful as I am also from Canada, flying sunwing (I am in Prince George, BC flying out from Vancouver). I am nervous with the negative stuff about sunwing but too late now! lol. I was just curious if you ordered your pinata through the hotel and how much did it cost? I would love to have one and was thinking it might not be that great of an idea with no kids, but saw that your adult guests loved it! So now I totally wanna get one too. Is that the cake stand the hotel provided? I know they aren't "cake masters" but yours turned out super cute! Will they decorate it how you want it or did you have to do that? I'm ordering real touch flowers that match my bouquet to go on the cake but I really like the ribbon around it too! And for the water bottles- is this something the hotel provided and you just put the labels on or did you buy the water from town and do it all yourself? I just think something like water bottles the hotel should be able to provide but I don't mind putting on the labels and the crafty stuff. Were they really helpful at the hotel with the crafty stuff or did you do everything prior to coming and just have them set it up. Any insight appreciated! THanks
  13. For the life of me I can't figure out how to make these on pic monkey. Do I have to save the image and then open it to edit? Or is there someway I can just start with a blank slate and write/add what I want? I tried to save the actual image from this thread then open it up to change things but it wont let me do anything. What am I doing wrong??
  14. Once you go to the picmonkey site, where do you start? Am I supposed to start with the photo editing??
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