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    Welcome! How's the planning going?
  2. Big fan of the red ones. --- Regina http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  3. ^^^Those are great colors. So many of my friends have gone with harsher (not the right word) or darker colors, like reds and blues. I love the softness of these colors. --- Regina http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  4. That's an awesome idea! Forgive me, but I'm stealing it...lol
  5. My goal is to keep the dress and all alterations around $1500. Would go as high as $2000, but hope we don't have to. Do you have any ideas of the dress you're looking for? --- R. Bland http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  6. Haven't found it yet. But saw this one at David's bridal the other week and feel in love. http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Satin-Side-Draped-A-line-Gown-with-Tank-Straps-WG3411_Bridal-Gowns-Features-New-Arrivals
  7. Love the photo of with the umbrella! Love how you guys are silhouetted! --- R. Bland http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  8. At first I was deadset against the idea. But I really like the idea now. My husband and I were thinking about going zip line during the honeymoon.
  9. I did cuff links. He didn't have a pair and while he doesn't wear them too often, he did mention wanting a pair for formal events. --- R. Bland http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  10. I'd like to have like 4...I think my FI is on board with that. We both like kids. Question: What's the scariest think you've ever done?
  11. I'm 3 years old. I know it's not much, but I never dreamed I'd date a guy that was younger than me. But here we are 4 years later engaged, so I guess age really doesn't matter. --- Regina Bland http://www.trailways.com/team-trailways/motorcoach-listing-companies/companies/excursions-oh
  12. I don't know "officially" who is suppose to get them. But I plan to get one for the officiant and my godparents...and of course everyone on the "definite" list.
  13. Thanks for the great advice Arch713 & FIFAbride. I've started several spreadsheets already and found a great checklist. Another friend also pointed me toward theknot.com which had a great checklist with dates. How serious do I need to take those dates though? It seems I'm already overdue on several...according to them. Welcome, Melissa! Only a little ways yet to go...you must be getting so excited to near the end!
  14. I'm a April 2013 bride. But we just got engaged, so I don't have much time to plan, eek...
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