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  1. Hi Bride2Be! I am getting married in the DR in August 2013. August is also during hurricane season however it is really the best month for us. Our TA provides insurance for $99/person which includes a full refund of the resort and airfare up to the day before we leave. Hopefully we wont have to use it but its a nice piece of mind knowing that we can cancel and not be out any money besides the money spent on the insurance. Good luck and congratulations!
  2. Maridr- Thanks for your reply. I certainly did not mean to offend anyone. That was not my intent at all and I apologize that I came across that way. I believe you made your point very clear in your post.
  3. Ladies, it has been brought to my attention that Paradisus is a "TAG" approved property (for gays). I am not prejudice at all and I hope by asking this I do not come across that way. Personally, I think some in the gay community have healthier relationships than some in the straight community. I was just curious if anyone has had any issues concerning this? I do not think this will be a problem, but I do know places like Disney World have gay pride week and such and I guess my main concern is our entire family being at the resort during their gay pride activities (if they even do such a thing).
  4. We are booking at Paradisus Punta Cana!
  5. Thanks JohnM! I thought that I might could get away without paying the $120 but I wasnt sure.
  6. Has anyone experienced bringing your own pastor with you? My uncle is an ordained minister and i would rather him do the ceremony then some stranger that I don't know. He will be staying at the same resort as us (Paradisus). I was just curious if they allowed a pastor that is not on their "list".
  7. August 6, 2013 - Punta Cana
  8. Congrats! I am an August 2013 bride as well. Happy Planning!
  9. KelcT

    Punta Cana Newibe

    Principessa, I am so glad to hear that you have traveled to a Paradisus resort and loved it. Its always a little scary planning something without first visiting the venue! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Which resort have you chose?
  10. We are currently leaning toward Paradisus but haven't decided 100%. I have seen a lot of brides on here that are Majestic Colonial as well as Dreams. I am going to talk with a local TA tomorrow and I am hoping they can give me some good advice. Are you using a TA? I have been reading alot about DestinationWeddings.com but I wanted to see what information a local TA has before using someone online. 40 minutes shouldn't be too bad of a commute for your guests. May I ask what made you choose Dreams as your definate location? It is so nice to be able to talk with and learn from other brides. Thank goodness we are getting married in the days of internet... What did brides do twenty years ago? haha .
  11. Congrats on your April wedding! Have you chose your resort?
  12. Hi ladies!! As a lot of you, I am newly engaged!! My fiance and I have decided on a destination wedding as a hopefully less expensive and less stressful approach to our wedding. I first started looking at Ocho Rios as our wedding destination, however I wasn't all that impressed with the all-inclusive resort options. As of now we are leaning toward Paradisus in Punta Cana. I am a little worried about our date with it being during hurricane season. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I am learning so many tips and tricks by reading through the forums. Happy planning ladies! Kelsey Alabama
  13. Hi ladies! We are getting married in August of 2013. Currently looking at the Paradisus in Punta Cana but would love any suggestions. We have a group of approx. 20 people ranging in ages from 17-55. Kelsey Alabama
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