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  1. Yes! Time is flying by! I still have guests that haven't booked yet AND still need passports. I'm not worried though, I will be enjoying Cancun regardless! I am also working on my programs and deciding how I want to do my OOT bags. I am also preparing for a move in June.
  2. Have you tried calling the airline and tell them you want a non-stop flight? They may be able to work it out if you explain your situation. I also have friends complaining about the prices but the way I see it is if they want to be there, then they will. Have your wedding where and how you want. You will be getting married regardless if they are there or not. It's you and your hubby's special moment and don't let anyone's complaining ruin that.
  3. They silk bouquets are a good idea. Espically for savings money. You just have to decide want you want most, to save money or have real flowers. If the silk flowers are made well they will still look great in your photos. I have made silk bouquets for some of my friends weddings and they turned out really well. I would say go ahead and order the one you like so you can decide.
  4. Thanks but that's the dress from my wedding years ago. We are renewing our vows at the beach palace.
  5. I am booked for the Beach Palace and have everything left to do. I have sent invites and bought a dress. But now I'm thinking of changing my dress! Yikes!
  6. I will be doing a few DIY projects. I really don't want to take a ton of stuff to Mexico or drive myself crazy with craft fever. I am using vista print to do my programs. I also used them for my save the dates.
  7. I'm back! Took some time off of planning for much need vacation time. Have some changes to the renewal to make, date mostly. Hopefully the changes with the Beach Palace staff will make things smooth.
  8. The difference is in the packages so It depends on the resort. Some resorts offer a vow renewal package which is cheaper than other wedding packages but also offers less. A symbolic ceremony is used by couples that are either legally married in the states before they come or will legally marry when the return stateside. The resort we are using doesn't offer a vow renewal package so we are doing a symbolic.
  9. I did contact her and she sent me some prices for some of the items I'm interested in. i just have to decide what I want.
  10. Congrats! Did you find the DiY boarding passes easy to do? i'm afraid they will be a little over whelming.
  11. I love your profile pic. Your ceremony decor was beautiful. I so jealous that they aren't doing the old packages anymore.
  12. Welcome, Congrats and thanks for offering your help. I'm sure you can answer a lot of our questions.
  13. There is a set up fee for dinners, but if you do like like a cocktail hour you can probably aviod the fee since there won't be a lot of tables and chairs.
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