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  1. Hello Ladies, Pastor York presided over my wedding on April 12, 2013 and he was amazing. I highly recommend him to officiate your wedding. He spoke in English and everyone absolutely enjoyed him and his powerful message about the sanctity of marriage. I also know that he does interfaith wedding because I viewed a video of him presiding over a wedding in spanish. I was married at Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa. Congrats on your up coming weddings and enjoy every minute of your special day! Zuleika
  2. Hi Rachel, I wish you a very happy wedding and hope you have the best time of you life!!!!! Since your wedding is June 9th, I would love to hear how everything goes with Jorge when you return from Dreams. My wedding will be April 12, 2013 so I have time to plan. At this time, I plan to use the resort photographer, but I have not ruled out using a local photographer not associated with the Dreams. Enjoy, have fun and try to be worry free, Zuleika
  3. Hi Melissa, Congratulations to you!! I agree with you about a beach wedding. I actually decided to not have a beach wedding for two main reasons. It definitely would not be a private affair since other guests would be in the vicinity of the wedding sunbathing or hanging out on the beach. I have also heard many terrible stories. I also am not a fan of having my wedding dress dragging in the sand. I am scheduled to have a garden gazebo wedding at Dreams Punta Cana primarily because of the ambiance and privacy. Although other guests may be able to see or hear the wedding activity, but I will not have to worry about anyone walking around my ceremony area. You should really take these things into consideration as you make your final decision. I wish you lots of luck. I hope to speak to you again.
  4. Thank you. Its nice to know that I can ask questions and reach out to former and future brides for planning advice. The internet is a wonderful thing.
  5. Hi again, I have a coworker who got married at Majestic Colonial last year and she said it was absolutely wonderful!! She had a gazebo wedding. She said everything went well, but it was a little frustrating in the beginning of her planning because her WC's were not easy to reach as frequently as she would have liked. That made her very nervous early on. That eventually improved and everything fell into place. The difference between Majestic Colonial and Dreams is the price. Majestic is a little more depending on the package you choose and your number of guests. At this time, its still to early to price the flight, but the prices are not bad. I actually did my research and found that using a travel agent may save you some money. When I compared the TA's land prices with the resort's prices, its cheaper to work with the TA. That's what I intend to do. As to your question: I decided to go with Dreams because of the wedding package flexibility, the garden gazebo and the overall layout of the resort. Also, it is a very small world. It turns out that one of my staff members was the best man for a close friend he got married about three years ago at this exact resort. When he learned that I had Dreams in mind, he raved about his experience, from the ambiance, comfort, food and activities. He highly recommended it when I was still considering it. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I initially had the Bahamas and Aruba in mind as well, but many of the resorts I liked were very expensive.
  6. Congratulations to you as well. You sound like me. We chose Dreams because of the garden gazebo as well. I'm glad you found a resort that is the right fit for you. Once we decided and secured our date, I felt a sense of comfort knowing that a big aspect of my planning is behind me. Everyone keeps telling me - Now the fun will really begin! I hope so, with the least amount of stress as possible. Although, we decided to have a destination wedding, I was never enthused about having a beach wedding. There is just something about a garden gazebo wedding that sparked my interest. Just the thought of my wedding dress dragging in the sand turned me off to the whole beach idea. I hear that the La Barcaza reception turns out really nice, so that sounds like a wonderful plan. I'm still trying to decide on the specific venue for my reception at my resort. There are a few terraces to choose from so I have not made a final decision yet. I'm sure that everything will eventually fall into place in a timely fashion. I wish you the best of luck with your future planning!!
  7. Hello Everyone, I am so excited to be engaged and can't wait to marry the man of my dreams. I wish you all the best in planning your special day!!
  8. Hi Tammy, Do you have any plans for a webinar about Dreams Punta Cana anytime soon? I'm curious because I have already booked my date of April 12, 2013. This would be great to participate in. I hope to hear from you.
  9. Thank you and congrats to you as well! I chose Dreams Punta Cana. I am very excited because I have read nothing but good things about this resort and my communication with the WC's have been great so far. I hope that continues. The only concern that I had before booking with this resort was the time it takes to get there from the airport. Unlike the other Dreams locations, it takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour to travel to the resort by car or bus. I debated about this issue, but decided to go with this location because of the overall property layout and the affordability of the wedding packages. What about you? Did you choose your resort yet? If so, which one? I look forward to talking to you again.
  10. Hi Everyone, Since I already booked at Dreams Punta Cana for April 2013, I'm curious about my cake options. It turns out that Dreams provides the option of a vanilla or chocolate cake for my big day, but suppose I want something else? I would really like to have a red velvet cake with white butter cream icing because its my favorite. Did any of you former Dreams Punta Cana brides have an alternative cake option? If so, what did you have and was it provided by the resort or an outside bakery? Also, was it expensive to have something other than vanilla or chocolate? I am a little concerned about this issue as I continue to plan. I would appreciate any feedback that anyone can provide. Thanks
  11. My special date is April 12, 2013. I would definitely like to chat with other 2013 brides. Feel free to contact me at anytime.
  12. Hi Eva, I agree with you that Dreams Punta Cana is a great choice for your wedding. I actually booked my wedding at that resort for April 2013. I would definitely encourage you to stay in touch with Deyanira - one of the wedding coordinators who has been extremely helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, you should email her because she responds right away. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to reach out to me. Fellow Dreams Punta Cana Bride
  13. I am also a 2013 bride. I also thought that I was planning too early, but you would be surprised at how fast the time will go by before we are all standing at the alter. My wedding will be in April and I decided to have it at Dreams Punta Cana. I was a little nervous before making my final decision since my fiancé and I have never been there before, but I have only read good things about this resort. My only suggestion to each of you is that you remain in constant communication with the wedding coordinator at your resort. It is very important that you email or call whenever you need questions answered and if you would like to see any videos from prior weddings. I'm sure that you are all just as excited as me to journey into 2013. Best, Ladyz13
  14. Can anyone share their experience of getting married at Dreams Punta Cana? I will be getting married at this resort in 2013 and would like some suggestions about the best venue for my dinner reception. I have read only good things about this resort so I am trying to plan really early to minimize any bumps in the road. I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide. Excited Bride To Be
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