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  1. this is the email i have been corresponding with him with ryork@codetel.net.do
  2. WOW I heard he books fast i am not getting married til june 2013 and i already confirmed him for my wedding. Glad everything worked out for you !!!!
  3. i am obsesed with him lol he is great I am actually going to see him in concert in a couple of weeks. !!! I want to do Im yours for the bridesmaids but my siter keeps trying to talk me out of it lol she is very traditional
  4. I am still at the early stages of planning and dont really know how all this works when picking songs for the reception and ceremony do i just get a list together or do i have to bring my ipod/or CD with the songs? anyone know? I will be having a DJ at the reception.
  5. Same here i cant open the attachement i guess i am still too new can anyone email it to me if possible. I would appreciate it!! thanks - jbenitez14@gmail.com
  6. I agree We are doing th same thing, we went back and forth but with the cost we are getting married at home and having a religious symbolic ceremony in DR. its the most affordable plus no one has to know unless you tell them.
  7. I was thinking the instrumental version of jason mraz "I wont give up".
  8. thats awesome!! 120 is not bad at all I am having to pay 200 at the Riu Bavaro for an outside vendor fee!!
  9. I contacted pastor York directly and he is available he also said 350 and to just pay him the day of the ceremony !!
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