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  1. Does anyone know if the hot and cold appetizers are included for the cocktail hour with the Luxury Wedding package? During the webinar they stated there was both but my WC is telling me that hot app's are $5 more per person. Just thought I would check here! Thanks!
  2. I made my on Powerpoint and then uploaded the image to Vistaprint. I borrowed MJKH's idea as it was wonderful!! When using Powerpoint you will create different text boxes and then you can rotate the one box so when you fold both sides are right side up. If you want I can send you my template when I get home from work.
  3. I am also having a shower. Even though we have been living together for a couple years it is a way for people to still feel involved in your wedding even though they may not make the trip to the destination. We did register at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, although the honeyfund does sound like a good idea!! One of the things someone said to me when I was thinking about not registering is that you may have most of the things that you have a registry but will those last the next 15 years?
  4. I love your braclet. Where did you get it? Awesome DIY projects. I will be using your Spanish handbook!! Thanks!!
  5. scanneec

    Eyelash Extensions *post ALL info here*

    I broke down and got eyelash extensions yesterday...little birthday present to myself!! I must say I love them so far!! They are much like the 'disposable' ones I was using but no mess! I am a little nervous sleeping on them though. Sat in the sun for about 4 hours right after having them done as I was having lunch and no problems!!
  6. scanneec

    Eyelash Extensions *post ALL info here*

    The Ardell line has lashes in Brown, which may work better for you. Watch the glue though because most dry black and will be like a very thick line of eye liner.
  7. scanneec

    Eyelash Extensions *post ALL info here*

    Lashes are a must!!! I started wearing them a couple months ago on the weekends just as a little something extra! I get so many compliements on them and may people do not know they are falsies!! I purchased mine at Target. Ardell style #109 for about $6!! The glue comes with some of the sets. I love the style so much I found more on ebay, 50 pair for $20. I split them with a friend who told me about them. I know I will be wearing false lashes for the wedding just not sure if I want to use the same ones I have been using or get extensions. I have heard that you cannot wear mascara with the extensions. Is this true? Thanks!
  8. I completely agree about false lashes. I have started wearing them on the weekends just for an extra kick. My favorite is Ardell Style 109 which I found at Target and ebay. They add length but not crazy long that everyone can tell you are wearing falsies!!