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  1. I'm guessing they will be all coming in at different times. If you have a wedding site I would suggest the shuttle information on their or in you invite. I plan on doing this myself since I am in the same situation. I'm using http://www.travelorlandotransportation.com, or cocoa beach shuttle
  2. My wedding is not booked at all through Royal Caribbean. I am booked ever thing myself. Its hard because i don't live there but it will be nice to save some money and have more people there since their not forced to cruise with us.
  3. We opted out on a cruise wedding with Royal Caribbean ( that's all we sail) . He are some reasons why for what you pay to have ceremony you are very rushed and have no control over anything and wont even know you location of the wedding till 2 weeks before sailing. Everything is extra just didn't see the point and over on year there packages went up 800.We are getting married in March 2014 in cocoa beach the day before and have invite out guest along with us on the cruise since that was the original plan.
  4. Im a March 23, 2014 bride also we have decided to get married the day before on the beach then leave with out guest on the cruise. We have book Royal Caribbean. Having a hard time planning a destination wedding. We plan to have around 40 guest, but we dont want people to come and not go on the cruise with us because that will be the best part.
  5. I am getting married in March 2014, we set sail on Royal Caribbean but can not decide if we should do it the day before on the beach, we have close to 25 people so far going. Also if we get married the day before what are some suggestion to do for the guest once we set sail to make it special since this is the reason why we are going.
  6. Me too please Pug nicoleh2711@gmail.com thanks
  7. Cam anyone tell me if they will allow you use the room credit to pay for extra guest over 20 people? I read this somewhere in this form and cant find it?
  8. How far in advance can you book with DRC not plan till next year but have made up mind
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