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  1. http://www.resortsmaps.com/popup.html?maps/map-NowJadeRivieraCancun-RivMaya.jpg Does this one work? I gave you the wrong link. Oops! I'll figure out how to save to and paste it here
  2. There are people there all the time that just help you with excursions...there's also the tiki where you get yout towels at that sell snorkeling, diving, fishing and other things. I would definitely try and talk your way down with them because right down the beach, there are vendors that sell it for wayyyy cheaper. If you go to puerto morelos, which is a 45 min walk down the beach, there's lots of places that'll take you out snorkeling as well. The people at the resort are very helpful and have soooo many different excusions.
  3. Hahaha I am the same way. I am not sure I went 2 hours without eating there. Embarrassing but we even put paninis in our bags and walked the beach for a couple hours haha I want to say the disco was open until 2ish...maybe later. There's live entertainment In the lobby too...that's where most everyone hung out until they were done. The band is awesome! So much energy! And they have different themed nights. One night is Mexican night and they had a donkey and Mexican vendors and stuff there too. Oh my word I want to be back there now haha we had a blast at night time...and during the day and ev
  4. We had just the your moments package since we just had 6 people and it was included....it's 200 for each different colors...I think all of the packages come with the white. Eep!! I can't view them either but I am SOOOO EXCITED for you!! Doesn't that take so much off your shoulders already? Yay! Congrats!! Apple vacations were wonderful. They even help you out on the resort, if you need them too. They also offer the direct ride to the resort instead of dropping people off on the way which was great! The rates were really good as well! We always ordered room service if it was super lat
  5. I have no yet, our internet is so slow in the middle of nowhere, and id like to include pictures and stuff, so I am going to wait until we get to Ohio (where my husbands job is right now and fast internet haha) to send it over. Itll probably be done next week...I'll definitely send it over I think I might have that and more in the pictures section of my profile, hopefully it's still there.
  6. I completely understand your frustration and I hope you can get all of your answers shortly!! Can't wait to see pics of your wedding, sounds like it's going to be incredible
  7. Ramon was there the last week of January, when we were there. I dealt with Anel the whole time and then Ramon at the very end..they all communicate VERY well with each other and it Seems, from talking to Ramon randomly, that you have to have a lot of wedding coordinating experience before they consider you to work there. So I imagine Juan also knows what he's doing...and since he's new, he will probably go wayyyyy overboard haha just a thought I know you're nervous, but I promise you that they all know what they're doing and wonderful at it. I'm shocked that they have 2-3 weddings a day and p
  8. Zulily looks like they are having a sale today on them...starts at 9am...I saw the preview for them and had to share
  9. I am not sure. Keep in mind it can be windy (but still gorgeous) there...at least when we went it was...and I've heard from lots of others, it was the same way. I'd maybe bring the flame less ones just in case or just stick with them?
  10. Ugghhhh I know I wanted one too! I wanted to do those lanterns also for my mom and grandma who both passed away but they said it's against that part of the beaches rules apparently. It's probably some sort of liability for them. Random lol but they do have an amazing fire show there, on the beach...get there early and get good seats because it is phenomenal!! Fire made me think of that hahaha
  11. No they will not let you, I inquired about this as well! And surprisingly when you are there they go over everything with you even more...and finalize everything. You talk with Ramon or Anel for as long as you want and they go into lots of details. It's a complete different ball game when you are actually there! They treat you like royalty and go wayyyy overboard with details. I'd imagine you can call but when you get there I PROMISE everything will be taken care of plus wayyy more. You'll be pleasantly surprised!
  12. Haha that's exactly how I was too!! I hate waiting to the last minute to do stuff and also am the most indecisive person ever. I changed my mind 6895 times about everything! It'll all get done and will be beautiful, I promise. I wish I worried less
  13. I wish I would have known that...and it is very true that the closer you book the cheaper it goes down I think, my inlAws booked about 6 months prior to the wedding and it was way cheaper than what we got it for. We booked a year in advanced....next vacation I will definitely book closer to. As far as the gift bags, I didn't have those so I can't offer you help there, I'm sorry :/
  14. When you get there, they set you up with a meeting with either Ramon or Anel and you go over every little detail, they'll show you pictures too...they have A LOT of stuff....he asks you what colors you want and will help you pick...you get to pick your colors of everything, including your flowers. I had a massive bouquet of peach, pink and cream roses. It was very nice and they didn't skimp on the roses at all. All of the flowers turned out soooo pretty.
  15. No mam! They did it without us even knowing! You're talking about the couple pouring the sand into the bottle together right? Every ceremony that was there, that we saw that week had one....I assume they do it for everyone...and you keep the bottle
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