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  1. I had my reception indoors in Salon Dorado which is right across from Tucanes. We had 35 guests and the room was good for that number of people and the DJ. it was nice to have the AC!
  2. I booked my wedding through them at El Dorado and they work with the Karisma resorts.
  3. Hey Kaya I wouldn't stress about the DJ. I got married at el dorado and used DJ All music to avoid the vendor fee. I'm so happy we did that because he was great. Also, we only listed about ten must have songs and what was off limits and left the rest up to him. Just give him an idea of what you're looking for and he will be able to read the crowd.
  4. I'm not sure what EJM17 has to say about her experience but I attended a wedding at Now Larimar a year ago and while the wedding itself was great the resort was less than desirable. Staff ran out of beach/pool towels by 10:30/11 am (and when you finally got one some had holes in it), the food was mediocre even in the restaurants and the rooms were pretty bad. Our air conditioner didn't work the entire time we were there and a few other guests had to change their rooms due to flooding from the shower. All in all i would not go back to this resort. HOWEVER, they did an amazing job for my friend's wedding. All the decor was beautiful and the buffet meal she chose was very good. The DJ was AWESOME!!! I was in the bridal party and the ladies at the salon really know what they're doing for hair and makeup so don't have any worries there. I just had my wedding at El Dorado Royale in Mexico and could definitely tell the difference in service and quality of food/rooms/food. I think if you chose this resort and are already in the middle of planning stick with it. It was horrible but I wouldn't recommend going there again. We were all there to have a great time and celebrate our friend's happy time so we made the best of it and didn't complain. AND you will have a fabulous wedding.
  5. I used Erick Rodriguez (also associated with Claudia Photo). He was great and the pics turned out great!
  6. Yes! You should book soon, especially if you have someone specific in mind. I booked mine about 10 months prior to my wedding.
  7. I suggest reaching out to a travel agent. They will be able to tell you if that's feasible for the time of year you're looking at and can give you resort options. I used beach bum vacations and they are awesome!
  8. I used DJ All music and he was great. The music was great and even with a group of only 35 it still felt like a big party.
  9. I had a lace dress as well and I packed it in my carry on luggage. I didn't use a space bag...just rolled it up and made sure to keep the tissue paper and hanger frame in the bust part so that the top part maintained the shape. It barely had any wrinkles at all and my mom steamed it for me with a hand held steamer we brought with us. I have to say that if you have a lace dress just pack it up and save the hassle of lugging it around the entire airport.
  10. I was a bridesmaid at my friends weddig at now larimar. The wedding itself was great, so pretty, food was food...DJ was GREAT. The spa ladies did a fantastic job with hair and makeup. My biggest issue was the resort itself. The rooms are in need of a makeover, the food wasn't good and they even ran out of pool towels by 11! I would not return or recommend the resort even though the wedding was nice.
  11. I got married at EDR and my mother, MIL and myself had our makeup done by the resort. They were awesome...they use MAC and did not come off at all. If you're going through the resort spas I wouldn't worry, they do this all the time and know what to use so that it lasts all day.
  12. I wore wedges for my beach wedding and I'm so happy with that choice. I felt very secure walking in the sand and I found a cute pair that I can reuse in the future and were comfortable for the entire party.
  13. I just had my wedding and used Erick Rodriguez who was great.
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