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  1. I finally got an answer from Alejandra. I'm worried about waiting till 45 days till the wedding to start planning... Any thoughts from previous brides on dealing with this stress? Thanks!! Ps Connie is still MIA, I've emailed her at least 10 times since June and haven't received one word!
  2. Anybody else having problems getting answers from the resort recently? Thanks!
  3. can anyone tell me who had Gonzalo for a wedding if he had an assistant and/or second shooter with him. Thanks!
  4. Matt we've fallen in live with your work... Just waiting on the price list and any more info you guys can share with us!!
  5. Sorry... I had initially thought I had posted in my venues posting... I am getting married at Iberostar Tucan Quetzal... Thank you to everyone who has posted so far!!! And yes Del Sol I would love a price list and samples if you have any... Qupid21@hotmail.com THANK YOU
  6. Anyone have ANY opinions on photographers... So far I'm not 100% sold on photopro and I was wondering if anyone had used them and could tell me what they thought... I've also been looking at outside vendors like mtm and others I can't remember right now... But if you have any ideas I would love to hear about them!!! THANK YOU!!
  7. Anybody have any info on the photographers. I have emailed them (photopro) and gotten the price lists but i'm wondering if going with an offsite vendor is a better idea. the packages from photopro seem expensive and to be honest I don't want all the wedding albums (I want to make them myself back home) I would rather just get all the pictures on a cd and deal with it all when I get home. Does anyone have ANY input on ANY vendors they have dealt with and/or recommend to get/not get. MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  8. Hello everyone!! Just wondering if you have had any luck with figuring out which documents you need to get married. I have received 2 different answers from Connie (yes I need to ship them and translate them 3 months in advance and no I don't need to do that)... I am from Canada, not sure if that matters, but does anyone know the final answer on this? Also, they recently changed their photo vendor, does anyone have any info on them? And if they recommend them?? Wedding date, February 14, 2014... Just over 10 months to go!!! Thanks in advance!
  9. OMG that video was amazing, congrats! Anyone have any bad experiences at Barcelo?
  10. Hey, Has anyone had any experience modifying the wedding themes that they give you... ie: adding feathers or ribbons etc.?? I've contacted them but haven't heard anything back yet... Also, for the ladies that got married this year, how did it go???
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