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  1. Yes DominicanLeila you are not the only one.. Like you I feel guilty because I want the most beautiful place but unfortunately what I want is pricey for my guess..I'm so torn, don't know what to do..but 2000.00 is way too much, I wouldn't ask my guess..February is Dominican independence maybe that's why is so much..
  2. for me the privacy is great..I am just like you..I want the beach in the background and thats killing me to be honest.. beacuse I want all my guess to pay an affordable price however I want the beautiful location as well.. I dont wanna have it on the beach, I want something more formal..You made a wise choice so proud of you for pulling the trigger, I can't do it yet..lol I'll keep looking in the mean time..thanks for your feedback!!
  3. I contemplated on this resort because of the price of the wedding package and the resort prices per night..the wedding package is exactly how I want it, I don't like how the other resorts only price it for 20 plp and the rest is extra..as we know this one offers it for a larger group and the price was not bad at all considering others.. The Main problem I had with this one is the location of the gazebo.. When I look at pictures all I can imagen is my wedding picture background with building instead of the beach ..This deff was a turn-off for me..I wish they had more then one gazebo..because the rates were excellent exactly what I want my guest to spend but I'm not willing to sacrifice the location of my dream wedding..
  4. Thank you for the info greatly appreciate it.. I just think they are too expensive for my gues.. I see you have chosen Elegance how much was the package they offered you if you don't mind me asking?
  5. hey Chula I'm respectively new as well here in the forum and I inquire information on both Hotels..I had asked my TA(travel agent) to give me the rates and she was kind enough to send me prices and this is what includes: Rates are including hotel accommodations, hotel tax, housekeeping and bellman gratuities, transfers, and any Group amenities that are offered by the suppliers..(for both Hotels) Majestic Colonial Occupancy Single Double Tripple Quad Child1 3nights price 907 640 578 547 199 Add nights 284 195 175 164 48 Majestic Elegance Occupancy Single Double Tripple Quad Child1 3nights price 829 578 524 n/a 416 Add night 318 215 193 149 After talking to my Fiance we both agree that they are beautiful resorts but a bit pricey for our guest I was really looking forward to this two but I feel bad enough asking my guess to fly to D.R so I wanna make the best decision price wise..did you choose a resort yet?? and if so which one convinced you?? hope I helped Elizabeth Quote: Originally Posted by chula Hi Ladies!! I am new to the site and have read a lot of you are choosing the colonial instead of the elegance may i ask why? I have read 1 negative review about the elegance, but nothing of the colonial, can someone help?
  6. your wedding was beautiful..Im considering this resort and you just reassure me to do it here...Thanks for sharing
  7. I love your idea...Since I wanna get marry in Dominican Republic maybe I should look for something that represents D.R or like a paradise cover book..but thanks for that great idea..
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by mel0979 Hi all! I have purchased photo albums to go in my bags. Along with a few other items. I purchased them from Wedding Favours - Bridal Shower Favours and Party Favour Ideas and got them in 2 weeks. They were only $4 each and I love them!! I also ordered from that website: Personalized Margarita Mix and some gel candles. I love the photo album I actually just saw them at the website..super cute stuff they that they have
  9. Thank you for posting the website..what a help and your bags are so cute..they have lots of helpful items and ideas... ðŸ‘ðŸ‘👋
  10. I just spent about 20min reading all the post everybody wrote..lol and I must say I love the idea and eventho the resorts do have towels available for everybody, this is a great gift for the guest b/c it's a personalized gift..something that will always bring memories from that special occasion..
  11. Now I understand a lot more and I hope plp are mature enough to respect the rules, we are adults here and tammy and her group are doing an awesome job keeping the forums updated and FREE all they ask is for us to follow the rules
  12. Is there a maximum responses a day?? I'm a little confuse about that..and yes ladies it seems forever to ge 150 post
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