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  1. Your invitations are gorgeous, I love the white starfish.
  2. This thread is really helpful, especially when you don't have a hot clue where to start and what online companies are trustworthy of delivering quality products. As I begin my online shopping journey, I will definitely add sites that I've used and hopefully I can find some new great retailers in the process!
  3. Damn, that is a good price. $20 to ship to Canada totally defeats the sale lol that's too bad!
  4. Love this colour! Everything looks fab, all the best as your big day approaches!
  5. I love the seashells and starfish...the colours look great!! And thats a great idea as MrsTgun suggested with turning it into a magnet favor.....all y'all are so talented. Great DIY'n Quote Originally Posted by nolacruiser6 Thanks everyone for the comments. I am back with more...So I have been busy painting...painting and more painting Only two more days before I have to ship everything to St. Thomas... Here are some sample shells that will be decorating the table I was going for silver, white and different shades of blue. I based coated the shells and starfish with a Martha Stewart Pearl paint, and then use the Martha Stewart glitter paint on some of them so we had variety. I also purchased a clam shell at Hobby Lobby and painted it for a ring dish. I wanted to soften the dark purple on the dish, so I used an acrylic pearl white color an mixed it with a little bit of a clear base coat to soften the color of the shell. I had some extra ribbon and raffia and used the glue gun to secure everything with a pearl on the top! me playing with my rings And last but not least..our sand dollar escort cards. I had other intentions...like writing the 2012, and St. Thomas on the actual sand dollar so it could serve as an ornament, but it didn't work out so great with the pens I had (they bled and it looked terrible, thankfully I bought extra sand dollars just in case I screwed up), so I had to scrap the writing idea because of time and just went with making a name card for everyone and attaching it with ribbon.
  6. Your planning thread is fan-tab-u-lous...all the best as your big day approaches, your going to make a beautiful bride!!!
  7. Thanks for all your advice ladies. I emailed Paula at the Sungold email address and she got back to me within an hour.
  8. Great job on the planning thread!! Girl you are certainly on top of your game, I wish I had as much crossed off my list as you do...I need to get my butt in gear lol
  9. Hey I was just wondering if anyone out there has used or is using Sungold for their wedding photographers? Whether its Paula and Damian or their associates. I've been trying to get in touch with them since February and I've sent them 2 FB msgs and I filled out the form on their website and I even called their contact number. Is it typical of them to take this long to respond? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  10. So many cute ideas here, I'm not sure which one I'm going to go with. I was thinking of putting, "Sorry we can't handle the heat" for the decline part..I'll have to think about it some more.
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