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  1. We FINALLY got our pics not too long ago. Overall the pics were good, but not great or outstanding. Anyone with a really great camera and a decent eye could have taken the same pics he did. He really wasn't worth the money. Unfortunately I can't go back in time and get a new photographer. But my husband is going to work on the pics and make them more creative. So I shall see. My friend got married last year as well and her pics are stunning. This photographer's style is what I was expecting and wanted. http://americanvirus.com/2012/09/christina-adam-get-wed/
  2. I got married Oct 2012, overall the Riu did a great job. Couple of hiccups here and there but that's to be expected. Rehearsal Dinner--Steakhouse. Food was great. Wedding ceremony--San Jose Gazebo. Its really private and intimate, exactly what I wanted. And I did the short walk. There are 2 ways to walk to the alter at the Gazebo. Reception--We had it at Baja Norte (pool area), it was private for 47 guests total (including my husband and myself). If you choose this area (which I personally think its the best spot for a reception) be sure to get the DJ Lighting as well. It totally makes a difference. And we hired the DJ, but created our own play list. Overall we thought it was easier to hirer the DJ and just have him to do it, as oppose to one of the guests. We simply had a 1 tier cake, because dessert was included with dinner. And the cake was just for the pictures. Good luck with your wedding planning!
  3. I got married last Oct 2012 and I used Neysa Berman for hair and makeup. I highly recommend her and her staff. She was really great and very professional. Her staff were simply lovely, we had a great time with them. And their work is perfection. I didn't want to use the Riu's makeup services because I didn't find good reviews about them. So I stretched the budget a bit for the makeup and I'm so glad I did. She was worth the $$. You don't want to look back at your wedding photos and have regrets. By the way we went to a nearby spa (which was SO FANTASTIC) to get the services. The Riu charges $300 for any outside vendor to come to their property. Just ridiculous http://www.neysaberman.com/ Good luck on your wedding planning!
  4. How many photos did you receive in total? He took pics of our ceremony and reception. And we also did a Trash the Dress session. So far we only received 100 pics on the slideshow, which didn't include any of the pics we took on the beach or the TTD. So Frustrating!!!!!
  5. I'm so sorry about your photos. He's just horrible! All the reviews online gave him such praises. Its really just awful. If I could do it all over again I would have just hired a fantastic photographer from NY and paid for his/her travel arrangements. That would have been cheaper than what I paid for Juan Carlos. I just hope I get my pictures soon. I'm just so disgusted with him at this point. I will keep you posted on this crisis :-( :-( Thanks for sharing your story, it helps in a way knowing that I'm not the only one going through this.
  6. WOW I am going through the EXACT same issues as you are with him. I got married Oct 27, 2012 and we STILL have not received our photos as yet. He's only sent us a few pics on a slideshow, which we had to constantly ask him for so we can send something to our friends and family. He was quick and eager to email us about payment, but did the disappearing act right after he received it. Overall he's a LIAR and very UNPROFESSIONAL :-( :-( I'm SO disappointed with his lack of customer service, its down right disgusting and totally aggrevating. I would NEVER recommend him to any bride/client. There are tons of other talented (more professional) photographers in the Cabo area. No bride should ever put up with this behavior.
  7. I booked Neysa for my wedding Oct 27th, 2012. I did not want to pay the Riu vendor fee of $300 if you use an outside vendor. So Neysa made arrangements for me and my girls to have our services done at a nearby spa close to the resort. The spa only charged $85 to use their salon. So I thought that was a great deal. I will let you know how it turns out. I've heard great things about Neysa as well. I definitely didn't want to use the Riu's on site makeup service, since I haven't heard great things about them. I hope this helps.
  8. Wow Terbear how were you able to move your entire wedding party and guests to the Hilton on such short notice? I am SOO HAPPY that everything worked for you and your guests. Congrats on your wedding and marriage!
  9. Great review. Getting married there in Oct, so I'm excited. Your review has been helpful!
  10. I've heard mix reviews about the Salon at the hotel. The main issue is that their selection of colors is really limited.
  11. These are the shoes I got for my bridesmaids. I LOVE THEM!!! They are so cute and comfortable. They go perfect with their dresses and our beach wedding theme. I got them from this online boutique. Delivery was quick as well. http://www.fleurchic.net/fashion-flat-shoes/flower-thong-sandal/ Good luck ladies!
  12. Hello I am getting married this Oct at the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. I'm deciding if I should use the hotel's spa service do my my hair & make-up as well as my bridal party. I've read on the forum that Suzanne Moral is the go to person hair & makeup in Cabo. Any advice, suggestions on this matter? Thanks Brides!
  13. I found some cute shoes for myself and my bridesmaids from this site. They have cute items to choose from. Good luck ladies!! www.fleurchic.net
  14. I got my shoes and my bridesmaids shoes from this site. They have cute items to choose from. http://fleurchic.net/
  15. I got my shoes and my bridesmaids shoes from this site. They have really cute items to choose from. http://fleurchic.net/ Good luck ladies!
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