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  1. Hello all you beautiful November brides Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer a November bride ...we have decided to have the wedding in Canada at my parents propery to a beautiful garden location and more family will be able to make it. Plus I was just way to stressed planning a wedding n a location I have never seen !!! And I love personal touches at weddings and I just felt that I couldn't do thoughts thing at the beach. Good luck to all of you!! I'm sure I will still stop by now and then just to see all of you great weddings .
  2. Hello here is a picture of my dress I am just so in love with it!! I cant wait to get it in and try it on in my size!! this one was a size 10 and i ordered a 4 so the fit will be way different plus it will be the first time i will get to see the back!! I still need to find a belt and a veil so my shopping isnt over yet!
  3. Hey! I am also getting married at now sapphire can't wait to here about your wedding!!!
  4. Hey ladies!!! So me and my mom went dress shopping this weekend, and I found my dress! It's Maggie Sattero Yasmin!!! I am going to get it strapless!!! I might add some blindas well like a belt or something!! Iwill try to post a picture when I get home!! Wellcome Stella!!! This form is amazing, how is planning going??
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by ANGELA2013 Hi  I am from Nelson it's in the Kootenay mountains. We choose Barcelo because we know people that have been there and said nothing but positive things about it. My FI and I have never traveled before so we are super excited. Planning so far has been super stressful since some of our guests don't like that we choose Mexico as our destination. If you haven't already I recommend checking out Barcelos website, I love that the resort has different price ranges for budgets and every picture that I have seen is breathtaking. Where up north are you? I must admit I have never heard of the town. I have a friend that stayed at the Jade3 now and she loved it and she is super picky so good luck.   Hey Angela My FI is from thevkootenay mountain area - he grew up in the valley out in winlaw. . I think that we have finally decided on now sapphire because I love the deck area for our reception Plus the prices right noe are amazing !! My TA is awesome so I m excited!!! Her quote came in at $1400 a person after tax!!!!
  6. Hello all you lovely ladies!!! I am trying to deside what to do for invitations!! any ideas for me??? Also are any of you just telling people what resort to book with out doing group booking???
  7. Hey We have decided that we are going to get married here bonfire we go!! We are going to get our certificate on our 4 yr anniversary!! Fun!! So that will be August 15 so it will be fun to keep it a secret lol Shan0487 -- thank for the saying I shouldn't settle!! I am now have been back out resort shopping... And I a thinking now sapphire or dreams Cancun ... I like the looking out over the ocean idea that dreams have but im wondering if I will love it once im there .. Allie-- I can't believe your dress is in already!!! I haven't even found be yet lol. Anyone else have a dress yet?
  8. Scorpiolove 12 I am in the same boat as you!! I was also looking at getting legally married in Mexico but now I feel that it is more work the what it's worth!! I am loving that you are getting married at Now Sapphire!!! I loved that beach area for a wedding with the deck for reception but we did not want a sand on the beach ceremony so we are looking like we are going with now jade. I'm still not sold. Shanna I Am so jealous that you are getting married at the palace resorts !!!!!!! I was in love with aventura cove palace but the cost is just to steep for some of the guest and we think that wedding is about family so we are looking for a cheaper resort!!! We Have a date set aside at jade now ... Am I the only bride that feels like Im settling ????? I feel like I can't have what I want Any ways I'm off to eat a cupcake to make me feel better lol. It's exciting because I can finally eat again!!! Ps Allie Love the colors of your invites the remind me of the ocean !!!!
  9. Hey lady's has anyone done a legal ceremony over there? I have heard the ceremony is in spanish and I don't know what I think about that.... Any thoughts
  10. Hey Samantha!!! Love your wedding location I was looking at it for my self but fiancé wants the Mayan!! So that what we are going with lol. He thinks more of his family will come t the wedding if it's there and I want him to have some family since ALL of my family will be there!! We are all very close So drum roll please I have now set aside November 26 2012 at jade now for our wedding!!! We have the date set aside as out TA is gone until the 6th and we need to mke sure we can get a flight package!!! But I am happy to have finally picked a resort!! Hope that it stays nice all the brides coming back love it so I'm excited!! We went with the 26th as out wedding day as its the date we got engaged .
  11. Allie -- Your invites sound lovely!!! I can't wait to see them. I am currently looking for invites myself, hope to find something soon, I really like what I did fr the BMs but that would take forever to get it den forevery person!! Wow 43 that's amazing good show!!!
  12. Hey all my november brides!! Hey Amy .. Nice to meet you!! What location are u using at the Barcelo??? So my surgery kicked the shit out of me!! 10x more then I every thought it would!! I'm off for the next 2 weeks so I have tons of time to plan!!! So today I gave out my bridesmaids invite card inviting all my brides maids!! I did card and boxes in out wedding colours in the boxes I did ring pops so it was like I proposed to my bridesmaids!!! They all loved them -- one of my bridesmaid joked that I was proposing to to all of them and I was like ya I'm a porposal hore!!! So we are thinking about going with the jade now rough top!! Can't wait to get the planning rolling!!! What did you all or are u all doing for invites???
  13. Hey sepi Do u have any photos of you roof top terrace? I am looking for a resort and I think this would pre a good fit but can't find any photos You can email them to me at matandnikkiswedding@hotmail.com if you don't mind sharing Thanks!!
  14. J-me I looked up Sharon nagassar after you mentioned her because I am also getting flowers out side the resort And she popped up as SPAMMER and is now blocked from the site... I guess she created 3 fake bride accounts to sell herself as a good florist! Just type her name in the search bar and you can read the warning!! Just thought that I would give you a heads up
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