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  1. I used Norma for my August 3rd wedding and I used a stylist that works with her. I definitely recommend them. I have not recieved my wedding pictures yet and only recieved a few from friends but they are not close up pictures. They were both awesome. Her email address is nor_maccancunhotmail.com and this is the website she emailed me to look at. http://normazuramamkup.webmium.com/
  2. Just got back from our August 3rd wedding. It was amazing! I will be writing a full review on the resort and who I used for hair and makeup and photographer. Don't stress or worry if things don't go as planned it goes by so fast so enjoy every second of it! One word of advice splurge on photography because once its done that's all you have left. We used Juan Navarro and outside vendor and that was one of many best decisions we made.
  3. Great job Dazeydawl! I tried making them for my girls and once i had the flower girl try it on it busted. I was so mad! It's very time consuming so I'm sticking with buying them. LOL. Yours look great!
  4. Julietisrus can't wait to see your pics and read your review!
  5. Luckygal4, love your cake topper do you mind telling me where you got yours from? Thank you
  6. Thank you Michelle for your review! Would you mind sharing a piece of your video. I'm thinking of getting a videographer for our August Wedding and would love to see their work. Thank you
  7. Omg!!!! I love it!! Beautiful!!! You were a beautiful bride. This totally makes me want to do this. I will have to check with my resort. The last 2 songs are my songs!!! Great choice. Thank you so much for sharing!!
  8. Has anyone else used the resort for hair and makeup? If so would you recommen them?
  9. @ Rosie4mar, That will work, that is how I actually did mines. I glued the flowers onto the Styrofoam and then added the brooches. @ Cindy2012 Thank you! if your are referring to my bouquet!
  10. Hello ladies! I am August 3,2012 bride and live in the Southeast Area of Houston right by Pearland. I work in Heights Area and would love to meet up. These threads have definitley made my planning easier.
  11. I'm so glad I found this thread!!! My 11 year old son and I have started the Insanity on Monday. My wedding day is August 3rd so definitley looking forward to shedding some pounds. Reading this thread is definitley motivating me! Thank you to all you ladies for encouraging one another and thank you Kellygrrl for the inspiration pictures!!! I have done the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred which I do love but it has nothing on Insanity when it comes to kicking your butt! Happy Insanity workout!
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