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  1. We are doing a vow renewal February 22nd of 2017 in Antigua Guatemala.
  2. The earlier the better. You want the most people to plan to take time off, book flights etc. You are doing it right. Go grab a glass of wine and pat yourself on the back ; )
  3. My experience with all inclusive hotels is that they have an area for just kiddos and an adult area. If the coordinator can talk a walk and have a face time conversation with you to ease your mind that would be the way to go (like my run on sentence)? Brides that book a place such as these can enjoy the best of both worlds: They can have family who has kiddos enjoy the just for kids / families area while knowing they have an adult only bar or pool area they can relax in while kids are not splashing them.
  4. Jill Bowen the owner / operator of www.travelshoppeltd.com 217-753-0255 She has been a long time Wedding Professional I know personally. She has a genuine heart to serve Wedding couples in the area of booking Destination Weddings! We always say she has Fairy Dust in her Keyboard! Good Luck ~
  5. KatJ10 ~ Call the person above this coordinator to light a fire under them. This is sub par treatment & you deserve so much more! Explain to the higher up that you have expectations and they are not being met. (kindly of course) That you would like a phone consult and even a Skype to walk you through the venue explain things etc.
  6. Laura ~ I am so sorry you are experience this type of behavior with so called Wedding Professionals. Things to look for when booking someone to come with you for your DW are: Are they a legitimate business first of all? Do they have a web page and real reviews? Are they paying taxes and have a business license? Do they have past clients that you can chat with? Are they showing you an entire gallery of edited Wedding Images? Ask all of these questions and ask to see proof. It's your Wedding Day and you deserve the world! My husband and I see many people get excite
  7. Rent The Runway is an amazing place to find dresses! www.renttherunway.com
  8. Kassie ~ When looking at hotels look into all inclusive resorts. Also, take a look at what hotels are near (meaning walkable distance) for guests that are a bit lower end hotel. This way you can snuggle away at the hotel you are getting married at and the guests will enjoy being together close yet away. You get the best of both worlds by looking at a lower budget and still get the Wedding of your Heart at the Hotel you wish. Hope this Assists you!
  9. Booking over 1 year out is standard. Traveling during this time of year is a bit higher due to that sort of being a peak time of year in the US at least Mid-West for Weddings. Sending those save the dates out earlier than 8 months is advised if you would like most of the people to plan for time off etc. Who doesn't want to come see a lovely destination Wedding ; ) Sarah ~ Don't forget this is fun so enjoy the process ; )
  10. Setting up a small arch on the beach. Have the hotel coordinator set up ideas and take photos of them to send to you. Hope this Helps ; ) Setting up a small arch on the beach. Have the hotel coordinator set up ideas and take photos of them to send to you. Hope this Helps ; )
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