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  1. @@babijol everything was lovely as far as vendors I'd highly recommend Denise Mason for photography I had wpaj booked but they were a no show and Denise saved my wedding! That was the only vendor I used besides florals I went with I'm flora and loved my centerpieces and bouquet!
  2. @@babijol they are obnoxious lol be on top of you WC to get you a quote asap so you can budget and plan accordingly
  3. @@babijol they were very nice to us at our meeting in January but seriously the only excuse I got for not receiving a quote was they they were busy. Inappropriate. I told my wedding planner that I couldn't be expected to come up with soem unknown amount of money (I know from other brides that they are expensive.) With short notice. To give some in site their quote was about 5000 and JM 1500 for 5 tables and a sweet heart table
  4. @@babijol Yup tai flora did not give us a quote until about a month ago. It was very frustrating and they came up with a ridiculous number. Since they were taking forever for a quote I demanded the hotel provide me with more qualified vendors to use. I got a quote from JM floral which was very reasonable and we will be using them.
  5. @@Harrisc15 I'm going to have a head band type thing as well I just forgot it in my room lol. I had them.take it right out so my fiance wouldn't see what I was going to have but the curled stayed in all day and the following day too with very minimal hair spray. I'm expecting more humidity in may but overall I was very impressed.
  6. @@Harrisc15 The beach was breezy in Jan it was very comfortable and I'm sure it will end fine any month. I chose the terrace and just had a back up in case there's a corporate event. I'm doing an afternoon wedding so I really needed an area that was covered from the sun so my guest don't have a heat stroke I'm doing an up do for mine I showed her a Pinterest picture I just wanted it twisted and up more natural looking and not a ton of hair spray. ..My make up pictures make me look crazy lol I wasn't making the proper face so I don't want to share those lol but for me it was natural and no
  7. @@Harrisc15 so true. I did my bdp in January and I can tell you all the venue's are as stated on the website and they are beautiful!. During my visit we toured all the sites just so we knew we were picking the right locations for us. We were able to do a full menu tasting and picked everything we'd want. We also did a desert and cake tasting. I did my hair and makeup trial as well. If your not picking then I'd say go with the resort. They did everything I asked for and I will be using them for my day. Large gazebo for ceremony Decks for cocktails Ballroom terrace for reception (we won
  8. @@Harrisc15 Are you part of the Facebook group there is a ton of great info on there
  9. I ask her several days a week she says tai flora has been busy. But I know other brides who's dates are way further then mine who have quotes already. I'm thinking about talking to floral fantasys but I figured since I actually sat down with tai id give them a shot. It's really annoying that I can't get a quote I literally have no clue how much flowers will cost me
  10. I'm glad your getting quotes it's been a month and I still have yet to have a quote on my center prices.... Tiffany is 250 about what you were quoted?
  11. Ugh I guess it may it depends on what your comfortable with. I know my photographer covers 400 of the 500 vendor fee maybe try shopping around for vendors that's offer assistance with the fee
  12. Hair and makeup is 88 each at the salon Chivari chairs are $6 a chair upgrade Ballroom terrace is more for corporate events they allow weddings to book it if it hasn't been requested 45 days prior. It is amazing though and I really hope we get it or I can email it I have pictures of it if I can figure out how to post pictures here. I met marcinne when I was there she is lovely
  13. I forgot to mention the food! We did a sit down menu tasting during our preview and it was so good our entrees will be the snapper and jerk chicken. We are doing buffet which I was dead set against but it works out better to do buffet you get more options otherwise everyone would be getting fish and chicken on the same plate or just one choice....I'll live with the buffet We upgraded to chivari silver chairs And my planner is Denisha love her always responsive always understanding I think she thinks I'm nuts but she puts up with it lol
  14. Hello all As Tiffany mentioned earlier there is a Facebook group that has been very helpful just search Hyatt ziva/zilara brides...It's both Cancun and Jamaica My wedding will be may 132017 at 11am, afternoon wedding. Ceremony at the large wedding gazebo cocktails on the decks and reception hopefully on the ballroom terrace if it's available otherwise we will have to debate on where we want that part I'm using resort florist I only have 34 guests so five tables is doable. I have no yet received my quote on flowers so I'm expecting it to be quite large :/ As for extras like napkin
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