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  1. Hello, I ordered vinyl labels from Davet Designs for my tumblers to give out at our wedding this coming October. She sent me a proof and I okayed it and then she shipped me the labels. What I received and what the proof looked like really differed. The colours were wrong. I asked her if there was a printing issue and she blamed my camera. I had expected her to just reprint them and reship them- I didn't order a custom colour, I ordered the colour from the sample she had on the etsy listing. I sent her two photo's from two cameras. She said she would reprint them to check and then resp
  2. Hello, We are planning a destination wedding in Mexico for October 2017. So far the quotes we have received from toronto to cancun have been close to 1700/ person based on double occupancy and close to 1900/ person based on double occupancy from calgary to cancun. I am hoping they drop but would also like to start planning. Is it ok to book the wedding package and choose a date before booking the travel packages? I am worried they won't have room. Thanks!
  3. I actually was referred to darci at platinum travel through this website. However with everything thats been going on in Fort McMurray where she lives she has been really slow in responding to me. Which is understandable. Luckily I have a lot of time to plan as we are planning on oct 2017.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new to posting here, but I have been lurking for a few months. We are planning on getting married in sometime between October-November 2017. I have spoken to a travel agent but the quotes all seem super high. Is this because it is 1.5 years out? Do you think the quotes will drop? I am planning on sending my STD's out a year in advance and invitations out 6-8 months in advance. In your experience when is the best time to get the quotes and when did people typically book, with the STD's or the invitations? I am so confused. I am hoping to use these quotes to narrow down
  5. Sounds Amazing! Did all of your guests stay at the palace or did some of them stay at the colonial etc? Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, This is my first post, we are not technically engaged yet but have picked the ring and have started planning. We are looking at the Barcelo Maya Colonial and Palace. We would be flying from Calgary and everyone else from Toronto. We would be inviting a total of 38 adults and 8 kids. We would als9 be booking the airtransat euphoria wedding package. Does anyone have any experience with booking this wedding package? We would be doing a symbolic ceremony in Mexico, would be still need a judge? Has anyone booked the Barcelo Maya? Any tips? Thanks so much! Sarah
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