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    Grand Palladium Vallarta
  1. Hi all! I was hoping to get some insight from those of you who have had a wedding at the Grand Palladium Vallarta, another Grand Palladium Resort, or attended any! I am still quite a few months away from our wedding, and we don't have to make any more major decisions until 3 months out from the wedding. It isn't that easy to get a hold of the onsite wedding planners, so I can't really get the answers I'm looking for from them. I am just not really sure what to expect on the wedding day. We are having our ceremony at 4pm, and are paying for a private reception. I am not sure what t
  2. Hi!! Just searching through the site and came across your post! I was wondering how the wedding was, and hoping you could give me some advice/input, as I am having a wedding at the same resort next year! If you don't mind messaging me that would be amazing!! Hope the wedding was great!
  3. Hello Brides!! My fiancé and I are getting married at the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa in November 2016! We have put down deposits and have a couple of decisions left to make for now. I was hoping for some input from others who have had a wedding here, attended one, or any advice in general about destination weddings would OF COURSE be super helpful Right now we are trying to decide on whether to have a private dinner or stick with the "semi-private" option that is included in the wedding package. I'm wondering if any of you have input on either option, and whether it's w
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