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    Grand Palladium Vallarta
  1. Hi all! I was hoping to get some insight from those of you who have had a wedding at the Grand Palladium Vallarta, another Grand Palladium Resort, or attended any! I am still quite a few months away from our wedding, and we don't have to make any more major decisions until 3 months out from the wedding. It isn't that easy to get a hold of the onsite wedding planners, so I can't really get the answers I'm looking for from them. I am just not really sure what to expect on the wedding day. We are having our ceremony at 4pm, and are paying for a private reception. I am not sure what this "reception" even means on a resort. If anyone can provide me with some details that would be great!!! For example, -I don't know where on the resort this will take place; -how long we have: is it just dinner, or do we get a dance afterwards too; -is alcohol included with the dinner (open bar style? or how does this work); -do people do speeches at these types of receptions? does the resort provide any microphones/sound system for us? If you have any of these answers I would appreciate any help Thanks in advance <3
  2. Hi!! Just searching through the site and came across your post! I was wondering how the wedding was, and hoping you could give me some advice/input, as I am having a wedding at the same resort next year! If you don't mind messaging me that would be amazing!! Hope the wedding was great!
  3. Hello Brides!! My fiancé and I are getting married at the Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa in November 2016! We have put down deposits and have a couple of decisions left to make for now. I was hoping for some input from others who have had a wedding here, attended one, or any advice in general about destination weddings would OF COURSE be super helpful Right now we are trying to decide on whether to have a private dinner or stick with the "semi-private" option that is included in the wedding package. I'm wondering if any of you have input on either option, and whether it's worth it to pay the extra fee for the private. If you have had your wedding here, and did the semi-private, any input as to what that was like would be wonderful! I'm just not sure what to expect!! Thanks in advance, and i look forward to hearing from you all!!
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