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  1. 150 posts will never get here!!! Can anyone send me this? mae4203@msn.com
  2. Do you remember where you purchased the personalized lip balm and for how much?
  3. Thanks for such an awesome review! There are so many for AS and not as many for AB, but the ones I read put me at ease every time!!! One quick question though, what/where is playa chil? That was not an offering when I was talking to my old WC but now I have a new one....maybe its a new thing? or is it what that used to call "Blue Terrace"?
  4. Maritza...I am so glad that I got on this site!! I have been reading other fourms and just ran across this one today. I too had Grace and was wondering why I have been getting no responses from her!!! Good to know that she is gone (kinda mean to say but really) Anyways, how did you find out and find a new WC. I haven't heard from anyone in a couple of weeks! Also, I booked our menu and our reception location. Any suggestions on what to do next? Our date is June 8 2012!!! Still a ways away, but I teach and it would be nice to get some stuff done over Christmas break!! ***Any other advice from others would be greatly appreciated
  5. Wooohooo! We just booked our Wedding for 6-8-12 at Azul Beach. I have found this website ever so helpful in simply making the decision to choose this resort! Now on to the planning.... Melissa your words, review, photos, and video have been so helpful. The insight you have given into the resort and your wedding day have put my mind at ease in knowing that we made the right choice! A couple of questions I am sure you have answered already, but: 1. Was your videographer an outside vendor and did you have to pay a fee for him? 2. What room category did you stay in and get ready in? My concern was if the deluxe room would be too small for my bridesmaids and mom and I to all get ready in. 3. How many guests did you say you had? 4. Was your reception a private event? and it was a Blue Terrace? Thanks so much and I look forward to gathering more ideas from you all
  6. I would love if you could send me some pictures...I always worry about how much the resort "doctors up" their pictures! Thanks, Maegan Mae4203@msn.com
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