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  1. I sadly haven't heard from the wedding planner yet after I sent an email...is she quick about emails? I know she was good about responding to our travel agent, so hopefully it's just a fluke.
  2. Does anyone know what the cocktail party entails? Also, how much it is to purchase the CD from the photographer? So much to do, so little time
  3. Does anyone know how much they charge for an extra person after you meet the numbers stated w/ each package? Also, is the group dinner that is included with each package @ all private or is the beach party the only option if you want something more private? So much to consider!!
  4. I am also considering it for a June 2012 wedding & the website is very disappointing. We have looked @ so many different resorts wedding packages & the Bavaro Princess seems to have good packages for the $. My only issue is the fact that we won't have a private reception (w/o going with the beach party). Any thoughts/feelings on your planning so far??
  5. So much to remember...this is definitely helpful! Thanks Ladies.
  6. Great idea with the wecome booklet! Another thing for me to get to work on
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