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  1. We are renewing our vows in September and I'm so nervous about the photography.
  2. OMG, You guys are gorgeous! great pictures. I can't wait for my TTD session.
  3. I'm pretty sure they are just open. These look like the same as the ones I got.
  4. Great thread! I'm doing 20 bags and have no clue how I'm going to transport them.
  5. I'm thinking I might end up with the same problem...lol Good luck!
  6. Just curious, the bags you posted a link to are red and black. But you found navy blue one too? I looked everywhere for a nice navy bag for a decent price, I ended up just using gift bags. Our colors are silver navy and white. I also will have extra cards to put in the plastic sleeve on the lanyard, I ordred them from vista print and had to get 250 thats the smallest amount. The say to have and to hold your room key. I will post a picture after I get them.
  7. I tried on 6 at the first place the one I feel in love with was way out of my budget. So the next place we went the first dress I tried on was perfect , so I stopped there. So 7 dresses
  8. Great ideas! I just placed my first 5 orders from vista print.
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