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  1. Perhaps get everyone the same thing and give those special people a gift on the side. Follow up with - "this is just between you and I , I wanted to get you something extra special since you have been so wonderful." Or some thing like that. Good luck.
  2. I need help and this is going to sound dumb, but I cant find it anywhere, not even Google. My ring like many of yours is a custom ring that does not have a band to go with it. I could have had one made but the shank - side view is so ornate that the band would be covering up the side. How did you exchange rings? SInce I wear this one, does he present it to me at the ceremony, again? or what? thank you!
  3. Ok so I started picking up things for my OOT bags and before I knew it they are busting at the seams! I have so much stuff to go in my medium size bags from Bath & Body Works and that doesn't even include bottles of water or homemade cookies! I am not sure what to do , any suggestions? FI will not let me buy new bags, since I need 20 of them..... So far I have- Bath &body works coconut lotion Full size Small Bath & body works candle water jugs w/ handles (1 for each guest in room) first aid kit assorted snacks- crackers w/ peanut butter, pretzels, trail mix, gum, crystal light drink mix-I am making homemade cookies just before packing. small kit w/ bobbie pins, hair band, and safety pins tissues nail file room key holder w/ lanyard sewing kit (mini) Still to come from Vista Print- welcome letter, thank you card, and to do "menu" card ! I will post pics soon!
  4. I picked up the same sewing kits, did you unwrap them? I am afraid that all the parts will fall out?
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