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  1. Still have the following available: 2 packs of hibiscus totes for $20 + shipping Purple heels size 9 TTD gown size 2 (pic can be seen in the link i posted in a previous reply) Clamshells purple picture frames beach pail favors
  2. Please let me know if you want anymore info on the dress that I am selling. I did get it bustled and had cups added in the bust. If you would like additional pics, I can email them. thanks! Stacey
  3. The dress is made by Allure and is part of their "far and away" collection, style # 892. I had my alterations person add cups in the bust for some lift I am a 34C. Here is the designers' website: http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=355
  4. Erin- If the other girl does not want the totes, I'll let you know!
  5. The only item not available are the flip flop cards. I have the following still available. Prices do not include shipping. What is your zipcode and I'll let you know how much shipping will be? 5 packs of hibiscus totes for $45 batteries and LED lights for $25 10 Clamshells for $5 31 beach pail favors for $10 Thank you! Stacey
  6. Still available: -5 packs hibiscus tote bags -Throwies -TTD gown -beach pails -purple picture frames -cosmetic travel bags -OOT bag items (medicine, breath mints, 2 spanish to english dictionaries)
  7. 4 of the boxes have sold Sale Pending on 5 boxes
  8. I got the earrings made by a seller on Etsy. The sellers name is Fabulous Rocks. Here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FabulousRocks She made a matching necklace as well. I have my TTD gown for sale. It was the perfect dress for the beach and ocean pics! If you take a look at my wedding pro pics, the TTD session is at the very end of the slideshow. http://danielaguilarblog.com/s​lides/stachris/ I am asking $350 for the dress + shipping. I paid $500 for the dress and had $240 of alterations. I am a size 2 and am 5'4". I had the dress bustled and had it taken up so that I didn't have to wear shoes with it. After the TTD session I had it in the shower for ~ 30 mins rinsing it and let it air dry. It worked out really well.
  9. I have all 5 packs of hibiscus totes still available...if you buy all 5 packs they are $45 + shipping!
  10. 16 boxes of Phillips Globe Lights for sale. 24 ft. per strand/box. $10 per box + shipping I connected them all together as you can see in the pics below. 384 ft. of lights when all connected. PM me if interested.
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