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  1. I can't find any information about doing this online. Where do you go?
  2. I am doing my own make-up. I have medium to dry skin but that's here in Alberta where it's pretty dry year-round. I am really worried about how my skin will react once I've been in Mexico for a couple of days. Any suggestions or people who have been through the same thing?
  3. Just a quick update. We're going to be having our wedding and reception at Karen's Place in Bucerias. Some of our guests are staying in a group at the Royal Decameron and some are going to stay at other places in Bucerias. The wedding date is Jan16, 2012. I am soo excited!
  4. That's good to know! I think e-mail will be the way to go.
  5. Looks gorgeous. Definitely going on the list of places to check out!
  6. We're planning a (very) small wedding in Bucerias in January. Just family and a few friends. I am still trying to decide on sending invitations or just verbally and electronically confirming everyone's attendance. What do you think?
  7. I have also been wondering about this. Mostly I am concerned with getting the best deals I can for all our guests so hopefully it is not too big a strain for them. As my FI is always telling me, the wedding is about what we want and not making everyone else happy. Does anyone have ideas for small things to buy for our guests to help them out? (besides the reception and so forth?)
  8. Really like all the great things you did to make your guests feel comfortable. Did you have a template for the passports?
  9. I absolutely adore your dress! And the pictures on the beach are so lovely. Thanks!
  10. I was looking at this dress from Le Chateau. It's very flattering and I love the fit but it's not very beachy. What do you think? Also. I agree with the previous comment, Le Chateau has a bunch of nice white dresses this season and they are very reasonably priced.
  11. Just starting to plan our wedding in Puerto Vallarta for January 2012. It's coming up really fast! Just wondering if anyone knows a place to get wedding dresses "rush" ordered or something from Calgary. Usually they say six months but that's going to be too long for alterations and such!
  12. We are thinking of having our wedding at the Royal Decameron Complex in January 2012 or maybe just having our guests stay there. I have been looking for information about it but all the reviews seem to be older. Does anyone have any recent experiences there or with vendors in the area?
  13. My fiance and I just decided to have our wedding in Mexico in January next year! I am so excited about a wedding on the beach! His parents spend a few weeks in Bucerias every year in January so we'd like to have our wedding there. I want something very simple and private. Any suggestions for planners, locations for the ceremony or reception, and places to stay would be greatly appreciated! This website has already given me so many awesome ideas!
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