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  1. Is everyone taking their OOT bags down to the resorts or is anyone giving them out prior to their wedding?
  2. I am having a hard time finding a photographer for April27,2012 Let me know if u know of any!
  3. Where did you purchase these from? I love them but need more
  4. Im in need of some as well. If you find some cheap ones I'd be willing to split the cost too
  5. I started with All About Honeymoons & Destination Weddings and I ended up switching as well! I wouldn't suggest them
  6. I'm sue hoping they get it all figured out. Causes a little bit of stress when they claim they don't have the money! What kind of a dress did you get or have you?
  7. Oh its excellent to hear someone who has been there. The pictures look amazing but you never know. Lizette has been great. I have been having problems with Western Union and now them receiving my deposit. I am praying we get that worked out. What package are you doing? And how many guest are you inviting?
  8. I'm having my wedding at Secrets Silversand in April 2012!!! You said you have been there? The resort looks beautiful! Are you working with Lizzette?
  9. I am having my weddig at Secrets Silversand, I would love to hear everyone's experiences!
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