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  1. Dee dreams I have purchased stuff from Chich wedding boutique and wedding things canada. I was happy with all my purchases. I have a question regarding the cocktail hour. Has anyone decided where they are hosting theirs? We get married on the beach and our reception is also on the beach. I know cocktail hour can either be in the lobby or on the beach. With the lobby they would have chairs so I'd imagine it would be more comfortable. However it doesnt seem very "private".
  2. Good Morning BTB I need help. I am planning on bringing down my own fabric for the arch way and chairs. Our colour is coral and I am very picky on it matching. I have the sizes from the resort on both the chairs/arch way. I am just not sure which fabric to use and if others sewed the ends or left them "cut". If you didnt sew did it look okay? I know nothing about fabric or sewing at all. Also - I was told the archway is 8 meters long. Would you just get an 8 meter long piece of fabric and wrap around??? The measurements confused me. Thanks
  3. Hello BTB I have another question..... what is everyone doing for music during the ceremony? Are you sticking with "here comes the bride"? I just thought of this now. Also we are bringing down gifts for our guests. Has anyone had the hotel delivery the gifts. This makes me a little nervous as they may mess up names. They also charge $3 per gift. Also any thoughts on the spa. I am so picky with my hair and I do wear extensions. I am wondering if they would struggle with fake hair. Thanks p.s. Love that last picture in the rain. It is AMAZING! I have 64 days to go. It is sneaking up on me.
  4. Hi ladies. I just recieved my email from Aurora today. Looks like I actually get to start planning some of the details. One question is SHOES!!!! What is everyone else wearing both for them and the bridesmaids/groomsmen. I am struggling with flip flops as it seems informal. Perhaps it is because I am addicted to pumps. I cant imagine it would be easy to walk in heels in the sand. Any suggestions?
  5. Brittany Bob First of all Congrats!! The great thing about planning a destination wedding is there isnt a ton of stress. It is your day and do what you want. There will be a few people who wont be able to come due to price, and you wont be able to please everyone. However if you plan a wedding locally it would be the same. One of my best friends cant come because she got pregnant. It was aweful as she was a bridesmaid, however it happens!! My grandparents cant come either. However we are doing a small "ceremony" at home for them Comprimise I get married this May and so far my expereince with DT has been fantastic. I have heard great things about the resort. I think if you picked a great place. If you have any questions let me know,
  6. K-R-S-T-N-A Our colours are coral and white. I am going to get fabric from home and use that to wrap around the chairs and archway. I am also purchasing flowers and seashells from the resort for the walk way. The only main thing I am struggling with are the flowers and centre pieces. I am not totally sold on their flowers yet. I love lillies. I have heard that you are able to bring pictures and they can try to mimic what you want. I am also buying those paper laterns from home and brining them. I am going to get coral and white ones. I will use those for the dinner as we get married on the beach.
  7. Fantastic review. Thank you for all the detail. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful. Congrats!!
  8. k-r-s-t-n-a That's exciting. I knew there were a few weddings the week we were there..... What colours did you go with?
  9. AM johnson I am so excited to see allll your pictures. I just booked my photographer today. I also went with "photos in cancun". Laura and fernado are our photographers. I look forward to your review CONGRATS Amy
  10. Oh okay. My wedding isnt until May 24 2012. I just wasnt sure when I shoudl expect to hear from them
  11. YAY You are getting married the day I arrive..... it's crazy how soon it comes up hey. I am just starting to plan now....... I probably should have started sooner
  12. Howdy BTB, It's been awhile since I have been on this site. I am getting married in 4 months (it is coming up so quickly). I have an odd question- when did the wedding coordinator from DT start getting in contact with you. I would love to start planning details ie: location, menu, flowers, etc. I am panicking that I havent heard from them yet.
  13. Great Photos...... I get excited looking at others pictures. How much did your photographer cost? Also, did you find the dancefloor useful - were there lots of bugs. Thanks Amy
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