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  1. When I paid for my wedding I had almost a $300 bank fee from my band for "transfering money" wiring money or whatever to another country. So expect that I did not and was shocked.
  2. I did a trial in October 2011 before my wedding in March 2012. They set it up for me, but I paid cash when I was there. They use Joel's hair salon for the wedding and make up. We just took a cab to downtown and did the trial in their salon. I think it was $100 for hair and makeup US dollars. It was worth it for me because I was already there on vacation. They are amazing with hair and make-up so even if you didn't do a trial it'll turn out GREAT
  3. If you want private, spend the money at Las Caletas. I stayed at the Dreams in Nuevo Vallarta and my first night there I sat with my husband at the pool and watched a wedding, I saw three others that week. I kept saying to my husband, SOOOO glad ours will be private over at Las Caletas. I know the Dreams Packages include a lot, but Las Caletas will cater to your need. For example I did my rehearsal dinner at the dreams and they booked it as a small wedding. I had about 10 photos of flowers to choose from and that was it. With Las Caletas you send them pictures and they match it. I was able to
  4. I did this as well with my brother who was on deployment in Afghanistan. I bought the picture frame wine charms at Micheal's and attached to my bouquet.
  5. The Dreams had a mexican fiesta night the day of my welcome dinner and I wish I would've known because I would've gotten them to reserve that for us. I would check on that! We did a private dinner by the pool/beach- cocktails first and then a sit down 3 course dinner. It cost us about 1500 for the entire thing for 21 people. That included table linens, centerpieces, chair covers etc...
  6. I went to Las Caletas in October and was married in March. It was nice to do it early. I only got to meet with the coordinator. Spent the entire day at Caletas and it was fun. I would bring any questions you have or can think of- you have them in person and don't wait for an email in that situation! Any inspiration pictures etc.... It was worth it to me, since I was already in Puerto Vallarta on Vacation
  7. I'm so sad to hear of all these changes. One of the reasons I loved Las Caletas was that there wasn't a huge "price up" on things. Seems they are heading that way with fees I paid $100....50 per photographer and I had 2, I thought it was too cheap. They went out with me in the morning (no extra fee) and ate lunch there and ate dinner, so that seems cheap to me, but $300 seems way too much. Most companies when making a change make it affective for new contracts, they should not be going back and changing yours. I would argue that for sure!
  8. Well my wedding has come and gone and I finally have some professional pictures of my dress! Sorry for posting so many but there are so many I love and wanted to share. My dress was the "Adore Rose" by Maggie Sottero, BUT I removed the one shoulder strap and made it Strapless! It was PERFECT
  9. I doubt it as well. I was married on a Saturday and there were two day trips that come out, the first one leaves the Island around 2:30 and the second one leaves around 4:15-4:30, YES they set up your entire wedding in about 1 hour.,..AMAZING I would check with the coordinator, but I'm sure they schedule 2 tours on Saturday or at least they did on my wedding day.
  10. I didn't add an extra hour and felt like the dancing time was plenty. If you have a group that REALLY likes to dance and party then ADD it, but in general every wedding I've ever been to, people aren't dancing all night, and while I was dancing all night not all my guests were, so I felt the evening had enough time, but an hour wouldn't have hurt, we partied and danced on the boat ride back DJ was worth it for me because I didn't want to "worry about it". If you have someone to run it through the night then that works.
  11. OH yeah one more thing from my review- I left off. Dennise told me at our "pre wedding meeting" but I think I read it as a complaint with someone else, So just a heads up! Dennise and Anne will take all of your stuff from the bridal casita down to where dinner is later in the night, you DO have to take your own stuff back to the boat, I just had all the guys and groomsman do it and told them ahead of time and it was easy and quick. I also made a list of things I knew HAD to come back, my toasting glasses, cake servers, unity sand frame, etc...that way I knew it would come back and be pac
  12. Here's my full review!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/las-caletas-adventure-weddings/reviews/5892
  13. Hey Everyone! Okay so my wedding was amazing, we jsut got back and I thought I would post a little before I forgot all the great stuff! I'll do a full review later but the day was just amazing! We got to the island and I decided to get a 30 minute massage for $25 with my bridesmaids. It was perfect and just the right amount of time! I asked for Dennise to bring us lunch to the Casita which they did and we just relaxed. My aunts went and enjoyed the beach, the rest of us relaxed in the Casita!! Hair and makeup was fantastic and Dennise was SOO helpful, brought us up a bunch of shots
  14. I don't have their contact number, but if you email one of the coordinators I bet they have it and will give it to you!
  15. Hey everyone! I'm on my last night in Puerto Vallarta and I'm so sad to leave! Just wanted to tell you my wedding was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More than I could've ever dreamed for and the entire day was something I want to go back and relieve. I can't stop looking at pictures that my brother took on my camera because I feel like I'm there again!!! Full review coming this week when I return and lots of pics, it'll be a few weeks for the professional ones and my trash the dress ones!!!! :)
  16. Samantha, You can order a bus to pick up and return your guests through the wedding coordinator at around 12-15 per person. I had my travel agent arrange transportation for everyone since we all booked with her anyways, otherwise I probably would've done it through the wedding coordinator. Hair and Makeup- Las Caletas has a hair/makeup stylist that comes out to the island and you can just use them to get ready. If your looking for one in downtown PV the same people that go to the island are located in downtown. They are great. I did my trial there in October in their shop and they
  17. Dennise ROCKS!!! I just had my pre-wedding meeting with her and asked her where the walmart was to get the little treat bags. She said she would get them for me and have them at my hotel by 3:00 p.m. AWESOME :) HAPPY BRIDE
  18. We made it to Puerto Vallarta! I meet with Dennise in the morning. Everything went smooth today until I went to "put together" my welcome bags. I decide to put it together here and FORGOT TO PACK my treat bags to make all the things... UGH how do you make the bags without a BAG? Off to walmart in PV tomorrow, thank goodness they have one
  19. OMG I LEAVE TOMORROW!!! Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will post a full review when I get back and hopefully some pics!!! :) I can't believe it's my turn!
  20. KRS- After the welcome dinner? We only have 19 people going so I don't want others to feel left out when I'm giving half the guests something and the others nothing.....hmmmm I'll have to think about it. Thanks for the input.
  21. Okay I'm down to last minute questions.... Bridesmaids gifts- when are you giving them their gift? Night before? At the Island? Also, I need opinions. I made little cosmetic bags for everyone going with me the morning of the wedding, my 2 bridesmaids, my mom, and my 2 aunts with a mini shampoo, conditioner, body wash, nail file, and mints....should I, put them in their welcome bag with a note to bring it the morning of the wedding? Or should I give it to them at the Island?
  22. Love that dress by Maggie! I also am wearing a Maggie dress...her dresses are AMAZING! Congrats
  23. Love that dress! It looks great, I had a hard time finding a beachy flowy dress and you found a great one!
  24. WE ARE ON THE SAME FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess our dresses will be in the same situation!!! Hopefully they will accommodate us!!! TOO FUNNY!!!! I live in Brentwood we just moved from Concord in the East Bay!!!
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