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  1. Hello! Our wedding was at the Beach Palace resort on May 4/11. Thanks to this forum- I was able to obtaine a lot of info in preparation to our wedding. One of the most important aspects was to choose the right photographer, as the wedding day goes by super quick and what's left out of it is great memories that are captured in photos:) so, I took the choosing of the photographers super seriosly. I emailed a lot of the different photographers, did alot of the research, emailed my friends several portfolios from different photographers...and we all agreed on Photosincancun (Derek and Lorena) based on the creativity, quality of photos and the price. I emailed Derek and he replied pretty much right away..after only a couple of emails back and forth finalizing the details, we signed the contract. The communication was super easy and fast which made me feel good about the whole process of hiring someone that I never met before and who lives in another country.Derek is Canadian and speak perfect English, which made the process even easier!! I met Lorena for my make up trial (she is a photographer but also does make up and hair) a couple of days before the wedding. She carefully listened to how I wanted my make up and hair and we did the trial which turned out to be perfect!! Lorena is fun and creative, she knows make up and hair really well! If she agrees to do your hair and make up- consider yourself lucky! ( I know she is super busy). Derek also suggested to meet and discuss the details before the wedding, so if you are not too busy with family and other things before the big day-take advantage of this great opportunity!! Lorena and Derek were there for us during the entire wedding day, taking photos of girls and guys getting ready, wedding party photosession, ceremony coverage and the entire reception and dancing. Derek took a portrait photo of every (!!!) guest we had-this was awesome as all of our guests were happy to see their individual photos! Very thoughtful! I also got lots of beautiful pix of the details, like my shoes, dress, flowers, rings, personalized napins and wedding favours (something that I worked on for soo long and obviously wanted noticed;) ) Working with both of them were super fun and easy, we felt like we knew these guys forever, like they were our friends, and we were just hanging out...they made us feel super comfortable during the entire wedding day and there was this great comfort level established pretty much right away. My husband and his friends found something in common with Derek and my friends and I chatted with Lorena about make up and girls things. They are young and full of energy! THeir photos totally show that they love what they do!!!! We also did a TTD session couple of days after the wedding...Lorena did my hair and make up exactly like it was at the wedding (people that saw the photos were asking me how on earth did we have enough time to do some much in one day- as I looked exactly the same, but of course we did it over the course of 2 days. Another great day with photosincancun-didn't feel like work at all! We took some pix on the beach and then went to Cenote...OMG! this was not just a great experience but the photos turend out to be absolutely amazing. Lots of people that have seen them think they are unreal!! Here are the photos from our wedding day: http://www.photosincancun.com/beach-palace-wedding-packages/ If we are back in Cancun, I would love to see Lorena and Derek again and even do another photosession (may be not just of my husband and I;) ) Derek and Lorena- if you will read this post-thank you very very much to both of you! You exceeded our epxectations in any way!! Vika and Shameel
  2. Hello Cancun911 I just got married at the Beach Palace on May 4/11. OMG!! You will not regret-the Beach Palace has the best venue-the roof top is breathtaking! I chose a diamond package and upgraded it in any way I could. My wedding planner was Rebeca-I can't find the words to express how great she is!! She is amazing, helpful, knows what she is doing..she didn't let me worry even for one second!!!! I chose saxophone for the ceremony and they did an amazing job! My dad walked my out when they plaid a godfather theme song:) I had shivers when they played it:) The wedding package came with a photographer and videographer for for ceremony and I paid extra for the videographer for the reception. One thing I would do differently is to have a videographer stay there for the dancing part..oh well. We hired photosincancun.com, Derek and Lorena for our entire day of the wedidng and TTD session couple of days later in the Cenote..my husband and I have never seen such an amazing photography work ever in our lives and, trust me, we have seen a lot:) Derek and Lorena are porfesssional, yet down to earth and made us feel like we knew each other for ever..so there was this great comfort level. They are fun and they really do have a vision and we loved it!! (you may trake a look at our photos here http://www.photosincancun.com/beach-palace-wedding-packages/ ). One more thing that is important is that their prices are super affordable..I have contacted alot of differnet photgraphers in Cancun area..and some charge an arm and a leg, which is not just rediculous but I also find it disrespectful ( I don't like to be ripped off as I am sure noone likes it..but when I get a quote of $5000 for a day of photgraphy- I just can't help but laugh). Derek's prices are affordable and you will get ALL of the images on CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some photographers charge even extra for the images on CD, which really SHOULD belong to you anyway..Lorena is also a hair and make up artist and she did it all for my wedding- I LOVED it!! and beleive me-I am a very picky girl when it comes to my looks;) I told Lorena what I wanted-send several pix and she made it happen!! that's professionalism and years of experience. The video was done by Palace resorts was also amazing. For DJ we hired Doremixx and dealt with Ivan Gomez...such a smooth and great experience. I think Ivan plays at the best night clubs in Cancun and is well know in the city. To say that he really knows the music is to say nothing! He did all of our announcements (he speaks an amazing English), he was able to play any songs we wanted( we had lots of Russian and Indian music that I sent him in advance)..right after the first dance song and dance with parents song, everyone went on the dance floor (at about 7 pm) and noone left until about 12:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..dance floor was a whole new story-it was really a huge hit (check out the photos)..it is a light dance floor that changes colors-everyone loved it (from the kids to our 85 year old grandma!). Ivan borught the dance floor with him, as well as the projector and the screen for our slideshow. THe catch is that the Beach Palace doesn't want any outside vendors, but we got what we wanted with paying a littl ebit extra ($250 for Doremixx to come in and $88 pp for guest passes for Ivan and his assistant). BUT! It was ALL worth it! We staied at the Beach Palace for 9 days and I loved, loved , loved everyhting about the hotel-it's a boutique style hotel so every time we would go downstairs and we alsways saw someone form our party (we had 45 people coming). I went to the spa for my mani and massage-waht a great epxerience:) Pretty much every singe guest form our group went to the spa (we had those $1500 credits) ..I loved the Italian restaurant and the WOK:) The presidential suite (room #1000) was beyond beleives!! We felt like we were royalty;) A day before the wedding we did a Welcome dinner on the beach which was a great thing for everyone to meet and greet:) If I missed anything-please let me know, I am happy to answer all of your questions- I totally know what it's like to plan adestiantion wedding:) I was in your shoes just couple of months ago:) Good Luck and congrats! Vika
  3. We are booking www.photosincancun.com for our wedding at the Beach Palace Cancun on May 4/11 & TTD session. THe owner is Derek and he is Canadian:) He is very easy to deal with and his co-photographer Lorena is a make up and hair artist as well, she will be doing my hair & make up. This way I can save more money on the day passes too;) Their prices are beyond reasonable!! their work is amazing as well:) I am very very excited!!
  4. Thank for your reply:) I have had "the best" make up and hair people in my life for various events, so it is important for me to get great make up and hair, don't get me wrong;) ...however, I don't think that people should be taking advantage of brides knowing how important their wedding is to them and charge half a grand for something that can be done for waaay cheaper, especially in Mexico :S I am dissapointed with the pricing, but I am pretty sure he is going to do a great job on you for your wedding;)
  5. I am also getting married at the Beach Palace in May/11. I haven't been at the resort, but it looks amazing and beautiful! We are thinking about the ceremony on the beach and then move to the sky terrace fro the cocktail hour and then the dinner and dancing. My only concern with it, is that the altest we can have the sky terrace is 10:30 pm and this seems a little early for the weddingt o end:( any thoughts? also, Beach Palace is charging me $130 each for my bridesmaids flowers. I have 4 bridesmaids..and it gets abit expensive..anyone knows if there are flowershops in the nearby or any flower vendors that are abit cheaper? We are thinking of hiring Doremixx for DJ-they have an awsome dance floor that ligths up and they bring fireworks:)
  6. Fernando quoted me $450 just for me! I have no doubt he is good, but I think it is extremely overpriced fro even the US or Canada, unless he and his hair stylist do my make up and hair every day for 7 days:)...j/k what are your thoughts?
  7. Beach Palace brides:) I have a question for you!!! I am having my wedding there in May/11 and they told me that the latest time for the reception on the roof terrace is 10:30 pm..this seems a little too early!! does anyone have different info or is there any way we can have it till later? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. great forum! love it!
  8. This is a review of:

    Del Sol Photography

    Del Sol

    Pros: great photos
    Cons: too expensive
    I like their work but oh god, they are overpriced.....sorry..I am surprised that anyone is willing to pay this much.  I know it's memories, but come on! very sad, as Del Sol is definitely losing alot of clients due to their pricing. Girls, I know that wedding is the biggest event in your life, but put things in perspective..how much is enough?
  9. This is a review of:

    Photos in Cancun Photography

    Best photographers ever!

    Pros: professional, honest, fun, young, understanding, easy to work with and just amazing people
    Cons: none
    Hello! Our wedding was at the Beach Palace resort on May 4/11.  Thanks to this forum- I was able to obtaine a lot of info in preparation to our wedding. One of the most important aspects was to choose the right photographer, as the wedding day goes by super quick and what's left out of it is great memories that are captured in photos:) so, I took the choosing of the photographers super seriosly. I emailed a lot of the different photographers, did alot of the research, emailed my friends several
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