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  1. My husband and I used them for our trash the dress and couldn't be happier!! We took our pictures just over 3 weeks ago so we haven't seen them yet but I can tell you the experience was absolutely amazing. I had some reservations about the water (I don't know how to swim) but still wanted to get some pictures at a Cenote - so I emailed Jill with about a million questions, she was so responsive I would usually hear back from her within a few hours. Agustin (Jill's husband) was so patient with us through the whole session, especially with my water fear, knowing exactly what I was willing to do and what I wasn't. He'd fix my hair here, and my husbands suit there - just going above and beyond to ensure that our pictures came out great. You could tell by his enthusiasm that he just LOVES what he's doing and his energy was so contagious! I recommend them 150%!!!
  2. Question to Beach Palace brides - did you have your dresses steamed on site, by the hotel? If so, what was your experience?
  3. Hi past and future beach palace brides!! Wondering if anyone got their dress steamed at the hotel and if so what was your experience with them? How quickly were they able to do it and such. Any and all info is welcome!!
  4. No worries! I will still need to try on dresses in the same shape/style anyway!! We'll see how it ends up! I'm probably going to order from Babyonline and just be very forgiving with the measurements - hopefully Dad can take in anything that needs to be taken in!
  5. Did it come in yet? I'm looking to buy my TTD dress (we eloped) and I can't see myself spending too much for a dress I'm really just going to wear for pictures (we're not having a ceremony or anything). DHgate looked too good to be true but sometimes they surprise you! My dad is a tailor and I asked him about issues with doing alterations on a knock-off dress, I explained that it would be coming from a factory in China - he literally laughed and said "where do you think most of our clothes come from anyway" and it's true isn't it? Still, I'd like to hear about your experience with that particular store (babyonline) at DHgate.
  6. I can't wait for our pictures in October! My husband and I will be taking them during our honeymoon in Cancun. We eloped so I didn't get the pretty dress - so for this I'm buying an inexpensive dress from DB's and this way we'll still get these great pictures with an amazing backdrop! For those of you who don't want to ruin your dresses - have you considered getting knockoffs from sites like DHgate? I've never purchased from them so I'm not sure how it works, but some of those dresses are only about $100.
  7. Has anyone actually purchased from them? How was the quality? Obviously it's a knock off so expect what you pay for right? But still, I want the dress to look fairly nice! My dad is a tailor so if any alterations needed to be made he could go in there and do them BUT I'm worried the craftsmanship may be really bad... what do you guys think?
  8. Wendy, you're pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I love that a lot of them are on "dry land" - I don't know how to swim and frankly the ocean terrifies me a bit - I'm happy to see we can still get awesome pictures without jumping in the ocean! Thanks for posting them!
  9. My fiance and I will be doing a TTD on our honeymoon in October. We didn't have a traditional wedding so I have no dress to "trash" yet - any ideas on the best styles/materials for these shoots? Since I have the option to get one specifically for the shoot I think I can get a little more creative but I still want it to feel "bridal" - suggestions?
  10. I COMPLETELY AGREE!! Most will quote you around that though which is a little disappointing. I have actually played with the idea of finding a salon in the area that maybe could do it for me but haven't really found anything... Now that we're just doing our TTD and pictures in Cancun (no wedding unfortunately) I'm looking for someone really inexpensive... If you find someone willing to charge you half of that quote please let me know!! =o)
  11. Question for you ladies that have done the TTD shoots - did you have your hair and make up done for the shoot or did you do it yourself?!
  12. Congrats to all you beautiful brides to be! After lots of research on this site I realized there isn't much information on beauty salons in Cancun - Hotel Zone specifically. I would like to get my hair and make up done for our TTD shoot - nothing drastic but I'm terrible with make up and my hair is super straight and flat and wouldn't want to do it myself. Anyway I'd hate to have to pay $300-$400 to have a stylist come out and do my hair/makeup and then 20 minutes into the TTD shoot we're in the water and my hair is a wreck - in a good way of course. Are there any less expensive options for hair & make up?! Local salons or something similar to a MAC or Loreal at the nearby malls? Could I make an appointment at a hotel salon even if we're not staying there? Any tips and info would help! Thanks in advance!
  13. How exciting!! These pictures are GORGEOUS and I can't wait to take ours! Here's my questions ladies - Should I get my hair and makeup done for the TTD shoot?! My soon to be hubby and I are having a small wedding here in CA - we really wanted to have our wedding in Cancun but it just wasn't possible. Anyway we'll be honeymooning in Cancun (September) and plan on taking our TTD pictures then - should I plan on getting my hair and makeup done by a professional? If so... suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
  14. I LOVE THIS! So cute! I think we're going to do Boarding Pass invitations... Don't know if we have enough to go into passports. These look amazing, I love the colors! Did you also purchase envelopes from her? I imagine finding one that fits may be tough...
  15. Thanks for posting this! I'm no way crafty and I'm not even going to try making my own invites. Plus with our small number of guests I think it just makes sense to purchase them. I stumbled across Ana's site and was a bit hesitant, but still sent her an email. Do you have pictures of your save the dates? I'd love to see them if you do! Again, thanks for posting this review - I think we're going to go with her!
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