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  1. Lincoln, I sent you an email regarding your price/availability, before I saw this post Thank you!
  2. cocnoir1908: I feel better knowing that he replied to you. Hopefully I am next on his list! I really do not feel like overpaying for the flowers offered at the hotel. Congratulations to you! Thanks!
  3. I was wondering the same thing! I emailed him a couple of days ago and did not hear from him..SO, I called him early this morning. When I spoke to him, I mentioned that I was getting married in a couple of weeks. He stated that he would get back to me and reply to my emails today. I am still waiting for his email! My wedding is around the corner, so If he does not reply within the next 2 days, I will have to look for another flower vendor. Good luck to you!
  4. Hi, I hired an outside vendor. You can always check with the W/C and see if she can send you links to their on-site photograher.
  5. Ivan, I have heard great things about your services from other brides on this site. Because of them, I am in the process of booking Doremixx for my upcoming wedding on 9-10-11 in Cancun. I cant wait to party to great music! Thanks!
  6. Awesome! Now If I could only change my ceremony to the sky terrace! That would make me extremely happy.
  7. Alysam4785: They should have reserved your wedding ceremony location at the time of the contract. The Sky Terrace was already booked on my wedding date so unfortunately my ceremony will be on the beach. You should definitely insist before it gets booked.
  8. Amh777: I understand now. There is no way around it! Btw, I finally got in touch with my wc (Suzette). I emailed her last week asking her several questions so lets see how long before she replies.
  9. Saundramichelle: First and foremost: Cogratulations!! Thank you for your post. I feel better now. I can not wait until I read your full review!
  10. Vika: I cant thank you enough for taking the time to provide me with this information. Your pictures are beautiful. I have just sent them an email to see if they are available for a TTD shoot. I got in touch with Doremixx and he is available on my wedding date! Yaay! I have to admit, Im not happy to learn that BP is charging $250 + the $88 guest fee for an outside DJ. But, Im sure he will be worth it. I loved the dance floor he brings! I wish I would have joined this site earlier because I have learned so much and got some great ideas from all the brides. Prior to this site, I had no idea TTD's existed! Im really looking forward to those photographs! Again, thank you for your post! Liz
  11. Congrats to you too! The Cancun Palace looks amazing!
  12. Hello ladies, I am a September bride! 9-10-11! Congratulations to all. September is around the corner!
  13. Amh77: As I was reading your post, my mouth was on the floor. I am very dissapointed to hear all of this (as you are) and now am very worried about the fee. Its RIDICULOUS and unfair. Do you have the original quote in writing? (stating the guest pass was ok) If so, what were their reasons for not honoring it?? I booked an outside photographer and was told that I needed to purchase a day guest pass for the photographer and assistant. I am going to be very upset if I get an email telling me about this displacement fee. I will definitely make some phone calls tomorrow morning and hope I can get some answers. I will keep you posted. Thanks! Liz
  14. Hi, I am also getting married at the Beach Palace and my wedding is 75 days away. I have not heard from my wedding coordinator and have emailed Lauren; no response either!
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