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  1. Thanks! he LOVED his book it's such a great idea. I put about 75 different pictures in my book, it ended up being 25 pages. I had 4 full outfits like the one in the first 2 pictures, and then I brought some random stuff like just the blue boy short undies and the ones that say 'kiss the bride' and 3 pairs of heels. I brought more outfits then I needed, if i did it again I'd get a pretty white 'bride' one, something black, and something colorful probably. The one thing i do recommend is getting your hair/makeup done. It's worth the extra money when you're getting close ups of your
  2. Back from Jamaica!!!! We had SOOOO much fun and loved every minute of it. Already planning a trip back for next year!!! TWJ did such an amazing job I can say without a doubt having our wedding off site on a private beach was the best decision I made. Here's some pics I have already, still waiting on pro pics but i'll post them soon. <3 destination weddings really are the best. Gorgeous locations, stress free, and SO much fun for everyone
  3. The rates don't tend to go up that much. They won't double, and if they do that's CRAZY! We had a similar problem and used the current rates to give guests an idea of what it would be. But yes the resorts wait to release their rates for the next year so they can see how well they're doing and if they can up the cost. Our wedding is in a week and our rates didn't come out until last June so it was less than a year.
  4. GREAT pictures J & G. You looked so beautiful and I love your bouquet! Sucks about the car though :/ I hope you got that worked you. Congrats!!
  5. They can be a little expensive but not outrageous. Through Tropical Weddings Jamaica you can literally include or not include aaaaaaanything in your package and she will adjust the price very fairly. You could have barely any decor and no reception just a little quaint ceremony on the PRIVATE beach for quite cheap or you could have a grand, extravegent ceremony and a wonderful plated dinner reception with a dj and the works for... a lot anywhere from $6-7000 and up. They have so many options for ceremony and receptions and will cater to whatever your wants, needs AND budget it. I was amazed at
  6. Beautiful pictures, you looked so gorgeous!!! Bali looks incredible
  7. Our wedding budget for the destination wedding in Jamaica is $30,000 and our at home reception budget is $40,000. we've been able to stick to it pretty well! Happy planning everyone!!!
  8. beachbum21 - Hey! We're doing our whole wedding through Tropical Weddings Jamaica and Almarie Walters. They're freaking AMAZING, i'm really glad we decided to do the off-site private wedding She has set up the music and they have a steel drum band and DJ that they use. Are you looking for a DJ or a band?
  9. You should have just asked ME about it!!! (I assume you're talking about me cause my profile says exactly what you read) I'm not fake i promise! lol I see we have the same wedding date, but yes mine is on a private beach nearby and yes our reception is at the Iberostar, but at the suites not the beach resort. (I believe you said yours is at the beach?) But don't worry I have my own wedding coordinator, I am literally not using the Iberostar WC's for anything, I don't even have their names or contact info! So I won't be bogging them with questions or anything like that, they're there for you 1
  10. Okay I know how much I LOVE pictures on the forum so I thought I'd share a few of my BD photos. I'm dying to share them with someone but have to wait to gift my book yet! AHHH Here's some of the not so 'revealing' ones I guess lol Ahh so many to choose from. This was such a fun thing to do I seriously recommend it for EVERYONE and not just for weddings! Let me know what you all think! Thanks ladies I originally got the idea to make the book from here
  11. Your pictures look incredible! Everyone looks like they had SO much fun. The song/dance your bridal party did during the ceremony looks like it was so cool and so much fun! Beautiful pictures, the clouds look incredible in some of those Congrats!!!
  12. I think I already posted...but I have since changed my mind! I'm walking down to the instrumental version of Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles Everyone else is walking in to: Hard to Concentrate -Red Hot Chili Peppers Sand Ceremony - Somewhere over the rainbow - (you know the one that eeeeeeveryone uses in their ceremony lol I wasn't creative on this one but it's a nice song) Walking out to: One Love - Bob Marley
  13. 3 more days of work this week and then I am off !!! Taking thursday and friday off to get my teeth whitened, hair and nails done and all that fun stuff! ...How am I supposed to get anything done in these 3 days when I'm so excited and can't stop thinking about Jamaica!!! I couldn't fall asleep last night thinking about everything lol. We leave in 6 days holy crap!!!!!!! Picking up my dress tonight
  14. I know how you feel! We all just got a flu bug:( And by 'we' I mean, me, my fiance, our baby girl, my fiance's mom, and his dad. Um yeah. Nice. But we leave on the 15th and everyone is on the mend so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for NO MORE sickness! So of course I got nothing done last week cause I was so sick and taking care of my poor sweet girl. I hope you feel 100% by the next weekend! So exciting!!!! Good luck with everything!
  15. I'm a web page designer! But my true passion is horticulture and I hope to make a career change after I have a few more children
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