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  1. If you have read through the Las Caletas forums you have heard of the amazing wedding cordinator Kelley Kahrhoff. She started her own wedding company Younique Vallarta Weddings. http://youniquevallartaweddings.com/ I am working to get her listed under the vendor section so we can leave full reviews, but it has been a bit slow with bestdestinationwedding.com! In the meantime feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!! Since I can't technically leave a "review" in this section I will keep it brief! I got my dream wedding!!! I was not sure with the budget I was given and the quality of weddings I had seen online that I would be able to have my dream wedding . . . until I met Kelley! First off one of the greatest things about Kelley is her ability and enthusiasm to work with whatever budget you have. Instead of simply shaking her head and telling you it can’t be done, she will find venues, caters, bakery, photographers, video etc. that are within your budget. Please feel free to message me about Younique Vallarta Weddings. All pictures below are either from wedding guests or photographer Karla Benitez (who is also amazing!!) My full review is still to come once bestdestinationweddings.com creates a section for Younqiue Vallarta Weddings under vendors!! (already been waiting since August for it to happen)
  2. Show us your wedding dress!
  3. What kind of feel are you going for? What does your dress and accessories look like? Is that how you will be wearing your hair and veil? Without such info, my favorite is the third. It is so hard to pick they are all so different! I chose the third one, because some of the others looked more like a dress up princess tiara.
  4. Joel's contact info: I got this from him when I did a trial at his hair salon over thanksgiving yamilherrera29@hotmail.com
  5. Just an FYI, Epoca moved/closed/reopened. I went to it when it was on the beach for a wedding in 2009 (it was very good!) but it is no longer at the location on the beach. They closed and reopened as a BBQ restaurant recently http://elriobbqbar.com/index.html However, the new location looks pretty cool from the pictures, so you might still want to consider it for a location if you are ok not being at the beach.
  6. Hey Again! I don't have personal experiance I haven't had my wedding yet, but I spend months researching florists, there isn't much info on these forums on florists But this is who I think is the best after looking at websites and seeing wedding posts. http://fransalazar.com/ For wedding cake a lot of people recommend Pie in the Sky. I haven't tasted anything from them, but that is the info I have found so far.
  7. Also, here is a link to some of her work http://www.elfoto.org/associates/yanen
  8. Hi Crystal - I met with Elizabeth Lloyd and Yanen Ali when I was down in PV over Thanksgiving. I will check my notes when I get home from work and send you the info I have!
  9. The buildings to the right starting from what is located closest to the ocean back The Bar: The Kitchen: The Bridal Room: The womens bathroom: (airconditioned and clean!) The men's bathroom: Area next to the bathrooms: would be to the left of the path as you come in, but this picture was taken from the bathrooms towards the path you come in:
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