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  1. jlarruda that is the MOST WONDERFUL website EVERRRRR!!! As is this one! After reading through this post from start to finish I was really inspired to do some neat things with vista print! If you havent checked out the website http://vistaprint-goddess.weebly.com/sample-email.html you most definitely need to!! She has a sample email and all the links work for free stuff!! Over the past couple of days and 3 orders I have purchased 3 lawn sign (+ Printing on back for $2.99) 3 lawn sign stands ($1.49 each) 3 hats 250 business cards 50 brochures 75 magnets 20 thank you cards 50 rack cards (+ color printing on back for $2.99) 3 tote bags 2 pens 1 small banner 100 oversized post cards 100 regular sized post cards The total cost for all the products was $13.44 (printing back of 2 lawn signs @ 2.99 each and 3 lawn sign holders at $1.49 + printing back of rack cards $2.99) Total shipping for the 3 orders was $102.79 and my total Savings: $418.72!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is crazzzzzzy I cannot believe they are still in business!! Cant wait for my orders to come in!
  2. Congrats!! Goodluck planning! These girls are extremely helpful!
  3. Congratulations! You'll find all the information you need on this fourm!
  4. I ended up personalizing mine by 6mm beads from Walmart and wrote everyones name on fishing line and tied them to the handles. I Had 60 to do and it was too expensive to have them all personally engraved!
  5. Hey ladies! I am booked for the Melia as well. January 14-21, 2012 and wedding date hopefully for the 18th!! We are doing our reception on La Barcaza and so excited about this. So far we have 59 guests booked!! Happy planning!!
  6. I think Im going to use fishing line and find small etter beads and write everyones names and tie the "bracelets" to the thermos handels (might add a few plain colored beads too in our wedding colors). That way they should stay on for the week and after that if my guests don't want their names on there anymore they can just cut them off and they dont have to worry about having sticky on the thermos. So if anyone knows where to find cheap small letter beads, please do share!
  7. Thanks for your response! I have my quote from Flori she definitely has been great. I plan on putting my deposit down soon and we have figured out the ceremony detail from the resort just waiting to get my quote to put down the deposit there! Goodluck with the rest of your planning:)
  8. Anyone tried using waterproof stickers for their kegs? Did they stay on for the week? Any other ideas for personalizing the mugs? I have 60 to personalize!!!!
  9. I just bought 60 of the 20 oz bubba kegs this week at Canadian tire! I was trying to think of ways to label them! I think engraving will be too costly for 60 mugs! Anyone have any other ideas?
  10. I just bought 60! Of the 20oz Kegs. They are on sale at Canadian Tire again for $5.99. How are you naming then. I'm trying to think of ways so everyone knows who's is whos!
  11. Great review! My FI and I are getting married at the Melia in January and we are so excited!!
  12. So I need some help!. I have recently booked my wedding at the Melia, Punta Cana and was very interested in booking La Barcaza for our wedding reception. Currently I have 50 guests booked to join my FI and I for the week. I have been given prices for La Barcaza through the resort which are $25.00 per person more then booking directly through Flori. I have emailed the wedding coordinator at the Melia several times trying to ask why there is such a difference in price, but have not gotten an appropriate response back. Long story short, I was wondering.. for those of you who have used La Barcaza for their receptions, did you book through the resort or through Flori. Those who did bok through the resort was your ceremony included in this $25.00pp extra or do you have to choose a package on top of this. Any information would be greatly greatly appreciated!!
  13. So I think my fiancé and I are going to use La Barcaza. We are getting married at the Melia in January. Just wondering if you ladies booked directly through the boat or the resort? I got prices from the resort and they are about $25.00 per person more then the rates I got back from La Barcaza. If anyone could help me out that would be great!
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