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  1. About this whole ID thing, I got my birth certificate translated (it's french) and the translation bureau I dealt with got it certified not notarized. We scanned and emailed all the documents. Chandlynn then confirmed everything was good. During our meeting with Chandlynn, I asked if she needed to see or better photocopy of our documents and said no, she had all she needed... So either the Jamaican gov. is not too fussy or we're not getting our marriage certificate lol! My hubby (still adjusting to the change) only sent is long form birth certificate and passport without being notarized. So if you can do it, might as well, but if you can't, don't go out of your way. Simply send what you have and ask Chandlynn...
  2. Hi Lmarie, I was about to make an attemp to describing it but realized that it much easier to simply upload a picture. So yes the paper inside is somwhat yellow... Quote: Originally Posted by lmarie scahyer, what color was the menu that they made for you? was it printed on white paper? I saw some pics of them before but they were printed on yellow paper.
  3. I knew I forgot something: the dinner. We initially wanted the Dolce vita but it was booked. So we went to the Garden Grill. We selected our menu with Chandlynn. We had the onion soup, Cesar salad. lamb chops and cheese cake (so delicious). I didn't know about this but they made a menu with our name, the date and the actual menu. It's a great keepsake. We didn't pick colors for our wedding so all the linen was white. I personally loved it because it was simple. There was no flowers on the table, and for our group it was a good thing; My bouquet, many bottles of wine and many glasses! The table is a bit secluded or at least you get the feeling. As far as the chairs covers, we were ten so we didn't have to pay. You may have to pay after, but I'm not sure... Oh yeah, and you also get tacky honeymoon shirts lol.
  4. We’ve just returned from a week at the Gran Bahia Principe in Jamaica. We went down there for our wedding and we were 10 in total. My overall impressions: Great hotel, great destinations and amazing place to get married!! The wedding ceremony was just perfect!! No other words could describe it, honestly! Getting married down south is a breeze but even more at the gran bahia principe. The cost of the actual wedding was $200 (minister fee) and the planning is all done by the wedding coordinator (Chandlynn); who did an amazing job. They also send you breakfast in bed the following day. You also get upgraded to the royal golden which gives a few perks; free room safe, snacks, internet… We went with the free package, and yes the chair covers are included. The flower provided are beautiful. One important thing I want to say to all GBJP brides; either have your wedding day early or wear at least 60 sun block. We arrived on Saturday and our wedding was Thursday. By Thursday, I was peeling bad!! But the photographer said he will photoshop it thank god. We hired a Marcia E. Roberts and got Denis and Cleopatra. They were phenomenal! They took amazing photos which I will get soon (and yes I will post them) and a photobook. Denis is actually born in Jamaica but has been living in Toronto for most of his life. He does photography in Jamaica in the winter and in Toronto in the summer. They even stayed for drink and lunch with us. I would definitely recommend them. Hotel: The hotel is first of all massive. Not suitable for senior or disabled person, since you have to walk a lot. But it also has a lot of plus’s. Since the hotel is big, there is great selection of restaurant (which I’ll talk about later) you are never crowed either at the pool or beach or anywhere else. The rooms are fantastic! I had a room on the top floor and a breathtaking view of the ocean. The rooms are spacious with a beautiful bathroom. If you are with the royal golden (which you get upgraded to if you get married down there), you get coffee maker, pringles, beer and water. You also get a bathrobe, slippers and towel for the beach. Personally I though the room was great. Pools: The pools are beautiful; the swim-up bar closed a bit too early for my liking. It’s true that it’s hard to get chairs, since a lot of people reserve their chair well in advance… Beach: The actual beach is very nice but this resort should be given 3 stars for the beach. Although the water is a beautiful color, it shallow, even if you go far you will still touch the ground. The sand is very rocky is some parts. But still we spent a lot of time at the beach and had a great time. Restaurants: First off, there are three buffets: the main for all courses, the beach one (lunch and snack) and one smaller buffet (all course). I recommend avoiding the main one. The food was okay and it’s very busy. The Small hidden one is called something like “palmaresâ€. We went there for two breakfasts and one supper and the food was great and it was less busy. For lunch you must go to the beach buffets where they serve the best Jerk chicken! I honestly ate it everyday!! We tried ¾ restaurants. We ate twice at the Don Pablo (Fabulous) twice at the grill (Delicious) and once at the Japanese (The best for sure). When arriving at the reason book all the restaurants right away and be sure to request the Japanese that cooks in front of you. Also the beach buffet is where you can get snack between meals and at night there is a burger joint that cooks more than burger. Their burgers are actually delicious and cooked to order. Nightlife: I actually enjoyed the nightlife at the Gran bahia. The terrace had after supper a live band then followed by a show of some sort at pueblo principe. The Micheal Jackson was the best. They also have a sports bar, a karaoke bar and a dance bar. Went to all three a couple of times and had a blast! Excursion: We did two: Ocho Rios shopping and Dunn’s river falls thought Gina from GBJP instead of Sunquest. I would definitely recommend both. To summarized, we loved the place, our guests loved the place, I would recommend it and definitely go back! I think I covered most of it, but feel free to ask questions,
  5. Hi Ladies, Just finishing packing my suitcase since we are leaving tomorrow!!! I'll post my review and pictues when we come back. Happy planning!! Stephanie
  6. Hi Busybee, Congrats on setting a date!! as far as the time, I've heard that sunset sets early and that you may not have enough time to do pictures. Our ceremony start at 2. I expect pictures until 3:30 at the latest. Then either go in the piano bar or just meet up later for the reception. I tried to book through 3 different travel agents but I had, just like you, trouble with them getting back to me. I ended up booking with Itravel2000.com. They had a great deal. Yeah it's really close! Leaving in 6 days, wedding in 11 days, i can't wait!!
  7. Hey BusyBee123, I'm from Ottawa too!! I'm flying out next Saturday for GBPJ and getting married on April 7th. My tactic with Chandlyn is if i don't hear back within 3 business day, I send another email and change my subject title to something like "Please respond" "please confirm receipt"
  8. Hi Ladies, One of my gift for my guest is a stainless steel mug (found in the camping section of Canadian tire of Walmart) and will be engraved (actually laser-ed) and I'm toss up as far which one to choose. The options are either to simple have our name, date of wedding and Jamaica or to have the guest name then our name date of wedding and Jamaica. Here is what it looks like: I personally like Option 1 and 3 but don't know if we should include the guest name in there. What do you think?? Thanks Stephanie
  9. Hi Lsmith, What day are you fying out again? We arrive on the 2nd and get married on the 7th. Did you book your restaurant already?
  10. Hi Lmarie, I had asked Beverly and no, the chair covers are not included in the free package. Here is what the chair looks like without covers. Also here is the decoration you get and the bouquet you get with the free package.
  11. Ok, I finally got an answer!! I took your advice Ehpage and called. Chandlyn wasn't there but I spoke to Amelia (?? maybe the new assistant) and she look it up for me and confirm that they had everything and everything was good! Here the number if anyone needs it: 1 876-973-7000 ext 50081
  12. Hi Ehpage, When did you send your email to Chandlyn? I sent one on February 22nd and one on the 27th with title "Please Confirm Receipt" but still nothing. I'm starting to panic, we leave in less than a month! I don't want to bomboard her with emails, but i may have to come to that i guess...
  13. Hey Ashley490, When did you send that email to Chandlyn? I sent her one confirm that everything was okay with Bev gone and her taking over and I haven't heard back. We are getting close 40 days until the wedding!! I'm just wondering what was your turn around time?
  14. Hi everyone, WOW I had a lot of catching up to do! 54 days to go for me!! We're getting married on April 7th at 2:00pm. We are going as well with the free package and are adding chair covers, ties and are considering renting the Gazebo. I know that day is available, but not all our guests have booked, so if there is a low turn out I don't really see the point of renting the gazebo... Everyone is very excited and wants to come but still many to make reservation... Today, we are going to purchase our wedding bands and look for FI will be wearing! I hope it won't be to hard due to the fact that the spring/summer collections are not out yet! Akua420=> the hotel sent a welcome letter before your arrival?! That's great but including the menu would have been smart. You're now so close to your wedding day!! Enjoy your time at GBPJ and congratulations to the both of you! Don't forget to tell us all about your stay and wedding day and bring lots of pictures back!!
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