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  1. Yes! Wheelchairs are available! One of my guests hurt herself at the airport (she's an older, dramatic woman). When I went to see her in her room she was in a wheelchair, the Royal was very accommodating! Lisa, GREAT planning thread and BEST WISHES!! Congratulations!!!
  2. Lisa everything is amazing! GREAT work, you did awesome! Have a blast, a perfect wedding and congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back a Mrs.!!!!!!
  3. Fernando had a LOT of makeup! I was talking to my sister and wondered why some make-up artists have their own makeup and she made a good point. If you're a professional in the field and you use professional products I'm sure it will bring your quality of work down if someone shows up with all their Cover Girl or Wet N' Wild makeup and expects you to make them look great using less than stellar products. It made sense to me. But he does have a huge selection and I'm sure you won't need any of your own! Just let them (the Royal) pick it up and steam it and return it. Trust me, I was anal about this and worried, but I wouldn't have it any other way. A hand steamer won't do the job, and it is included in certain packages. They were amazing and my dress looked perfect when it was returned to me!
  4. Yay Jess! We're all anxiously awaiting your return! Thought about you on Friday! Natalie, welcome back and congratulations, you made a beautiful bride! I'm with you, I want to go back already!!!
  5. YAY for Randi and Jess!!! Can't wait to hear all about it/see pictures. Jess, I'll second all the other brides, you are a lifesaver so I hope/know things will go perfect for you. Well, your fiance's head may pop off when you show him those pictures but that's just a small technicality, hehe. Husband that is. Have a blast ladies and enjoy every moment, it goes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast!
  6. Haha, welcome Mike! That's awesome that you're on here! Great ready for craziness! Jess, you asked about shoes/walking up the aisle. It honestly depended on who was working! We went to Maria Maria's one night with just 4-6 of us and they made Kenny go put on closed toed shoes. Then the night of the rehearsal they didn't care about shorts or shoes (and remember, this wasn't even our "private" function, it was a free for all basically) so just smile and bat your lashes and slip on by. I had my bridesmaids walk up with the groomsmen. Lili came and got Kenny from the room and walked him down and stood him in place, then the rest of us trucked down there, by dad and I bringing up the tail end. It's all preference. I say if you want it, go for it!
  7. Hey girls! I didn't get them engraved, I just took beachy stickers and a marker so everyone could decorate them. Many of my guests still use them (bbq's, tailgating, coffee at work) so I didn't want my name/date plastered all over them. They were a HUGE hit! Esp the ones with the bottle opener on the bottom!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa DSO p.s. i dislike sammi sweetheart on jersey shore ROFL.... (yes, mtv is my guilty pleasure) Hahaha reality TV is so my guilty pleasure. Last night hubby and I were watching 'Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now' I swear, the trashier the better. Quote: Originally Posted by Heidi82 Jes - I'm a bit late on seeing your BD pics - WHOA!!! They are on fire!!!! SO hot! I want to do this now too! Maybe for our one year anniversary... jenny310 - That is so cute about your bach. party! A few of my friends and I did the same thing about two years ago when we went to New Orleans for Halloween! We just changed the dwarf's names to something that either fit our personality or some girls did a slutty name...LOL I guess we all figured we were in New Orleans and no one knows us there! Have fun! msglave - Can you add me to the list also My date is July 22, 2011. I didn't do the vegetarian food tasting when I went. Now I wish I did b/c FI's mom is a vegetarian. Oops! runningbride - I remember you asking about a spray tan place in Playa before you left for your wedding. Did you find one there? Heidi, yes! I have a lot of spray tanning info they sent me. PM me your email and I'll forward it! Jess so true about the pics! You look stunning! And Prettypig, Jess is tiny too and the pictures looked amazing, so you'll be fine!
  9. JESS HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING! STUNNING! DAMN MOMMA!! No skinny my ass. You look spectacular! Okay even though we're married I totally want to do this. Those were amazing! Thanks for posting, I'm sure you just made every one of us sign up for a boudoir session.
  10. LMAO! Fancy that's exactly what I did with my TTD dress! There was SOOOO much sand in it! I hung it over the balcony to dry! We threw hubby's clothes in there too, hehe. Works great!
  11. Msglave - We had right around 30. They weren't going to accomodate us since you usually have to pay $15/guest ahead of time, but my dad slipped them some money (I found this out after the wedding) and said 'make it happen' and everything went flawless...... YAY Kerri! So exciting! ENjoy the excitement/anticipation of the week, it goes so fast! Can't wait to hear all about it! YAY!!! How exciting!! We were going to get insurance then I just forgot about it, whoops! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for all you girls!!! It will be amazing! Jess, how ya doing???
  12. For our dinner they didn't have us scheduled, but managed to put us somewhat to ourselves in the back corner. We had 4 long tables close together and it worked out perfectly. It wasn't incredibly crowded so I didn't even notice the others. The food was very good, I always went for the seafood! I was too busy talking/taking pictures/enjoying things to eat that much, but I don't remember it being incredibly heavy.
  13. Hey it never hurts to ask! Yes, open bar anywhere, everywhere! There was never a problem with this. I had heard sometimes it wasn't an open bar but it was! I had a 'signature drink' served during the cocktail reception, but people could still order other drinks. Ahhhh yay!!! I'm glad you liked them and YES do a TTD! It's so fun and definitely worth it! YAY have a wonderful, wonderful time and enjoy ALL OF IT!
  14. I almost booked her too! Ivan's limitless possibilities is what snagged me! You'll fall in love and have SO many photos! I recommend a TTD with him! Rest up, it wears you out, but I'm so excited to see the rest of the photos!
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