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  1. WOW, these look AMAZING! Nice work. Would you be able to email me a template? Carriewrig@gmail.com. I would appreciate the help! I doubt they would turn out as nice, but I may attempt trying!
  2. Sorry ladies, I have no idea if this one is just a salad menu, or if its another resturant. Maybe one of you could clarify. If I have anything wrong please let me know The info I was sent wasn't very clearly described, it was just sent. Also sorry I was unable to attach all the menu's together, it would only let me do one at a time. KPLANTA, which menu did you get to choose off for your reception, and is the place you had it at indoors or outdoor, I am not sure exactly what PCB is . Thanks
  3. Hi Ladies, Here are the current restaurant menu's I recently received from Gabriella in case anyone is looking for them...I will do my best to try to attache them all. Let me know if you have any problems viewing them. Thanks Japanese Restaurant
  4. Awesome! Thanks! Well from the pictures it looks like things turned out wonderful Were you able to get a free reception dinner, or did you have to pay from everyone? I am a little confused by the email from Gabriella. Do we only pay for every guest over 20 guests, or is it 15.00 per person for everyone we have at the reception? I am so glad to hear I will not have any problems getting all of our "stuff" to the resort. We have mugs and towels too. Where did you get your towels made? Thanks again!
  5. Hi Kplanta, Thank you for sharing all your info! I am glad your wedding went off without a hitch, and that Gabriella was good! A few questions for you. How much stuff did you bring with you to Mexico? Is it true that you need to provide receipts in the instant that you would have your bags checked? I heard that you are not allowed to bring in more that $300.00 of merchandise to Mexico and you need to show receipts? Did you have any problems with this? I have quite a large quantity of things I want to bring, Decoration, OOT bags, gifts, ect.... what do you suggest for backing them and do you think I will have a problem? As for the reception, would you recommend the PCB, and what kind of food did you have? Would you recommend the food you chose? Finally what would you do differently if you could do it all over again? Anything, reception, ceremony, Gift bags, hair...ect, ANYTHING How were the hair dressers, and how many of your wedding guests were able to get therei hair done and what was the cost? I am sure I will have more questions later, but this is all I can think of for now! If you think of anything else to share, please do! Thank you
  6. Great idea, If you still have any left let me know at carriewrig@gmail.com and I can send you my address instead of posting it here for the world to see Thanks!
  7. Hi brides, So, I just heard from my travel agent that Pilar is no longer a wedding planner at the CAT, I guess she has been talking with a new girl by the name of Gabriella. GREAT!?! Does anyone know of this situation or this new planner, and how she is? My TA told me not to worry since she went through 7 wedding planners at one resort with another bride she was planning a destination wedding for, so I guess thats better than 2 of 3.
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